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"Chapter 27 South Africa, my first visit" 


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Chapter 27 South Africa, my first visit


My Son Raymond was now working in Cape Town and he invited me to go over there for the occasion of his wedding to a local girl named Cecelia.

I arrived in Cape Town on December 8th 1996 and stayed until 21st February 1997

The wedding was a great success with many locals and Cecelia’s family members, and there are more than a few of them, attending the town hall of the village for dancing and a fine spread of food.

A different style of wedding, but in the South Africa traditional way. Then we all went to a local park for the photographs.


We lived in a large bungalow a few miles outside Cape Town with a swimming pool and plenty of space.

Ray was working for a local Insurance Company called San Lam and prior to his wedding he and I spent our spare time doing the rounds of Cape Town’s nightlife, we got to know the local brothels like Romeo’s and Body Heat and we generally had a good time.


The first lady that I met in Romeo’s was Yoko a Japanese, but she was so well trained and good at her job I went back a couple more times to see her again, you could sit in the bar having a drink and making your choice of companion, one time I met this huge Zulu girl she must’ve been well over two meters tall and well proportioned, I declined her offer of a good time.

Late at night I used to prowl the known good areas for street girls and soon became well known to some of the  Mamasan.

Cape Town is a lawless area and life is very cheap, I was warned to be careful, the local gangsters will shoot you just for your boots, it’s not so bad if you stick to the tourist areas around the waterfront, because they know that the police do not want the tourist trade upset, I have seen young backpackers walking in Long street late at night quite freely. One day I was waiting in the car with Cecilia and a local man just up the road was lifting the manhole in the pavement, I said “what’s he doing then and she explained that is where he keeps his change of clothes.



Raymond and bought two cars, he drove around in Mazda ZX6 and he had bought Cecile a Mazda 623 for her to learn to drive, I used to use the Mazda 623 to go and do my pickups with. You always lock your doors when driving in SA. I used to go to the top of my pick up road, park up, turn off all the lights, get out the binoculars and scan the area for problems: If all was clear I would drive around the block then drive past the girls so they could see me and carry on round the next corner a few yards away, all the girls would come running around the corner and surround the car to see which girl I was going to choose, they seemed to wear practically no clothes and were soon flashing their bits and pieces.

On a cold night I have even driven to the garage and bought a carrier bag full of food for the girls on the corner. See I have my soft side too.


Mena was an older woman with lots of good contacts. She and I did a lot of business. Her pitch was on the corner of the traffic lights at the start of the motorway. There were four or five lanes of traffic coming out of town at that very busy junction, and little children that were too small to see in the car windows would be running around the cars that had stopped for the lights selling flowers or papers. Then when the lights changed they just stood between the cars as they roared away from the lights. Frightening!


Then there was Corlene another of the street girls, I picked her and another girl up one night, we went to the house and when I drove them back into town, with the reward that I gave them they bought a bottle of spirits each and got totally plastered.

That night her boyfriend’s friend tried to take advantage of her and she stabbed him through the heart and killed him.

Life is cheap there; she got a prison term of three years, and I just hoped she didn’t talk too much when she was in prison.


Late in the day you could go to the paper shop in the main begging area and the beggars would be there reporting to their gang master’s, the floor would be covered with coins whilst they were sorted ready for banking.


Sometimes instead of going back to the house I would drive the girl up the road to table mountain, there were no street lights up there so it was fun in the open air, you could always pretend to be looking at the city lights far below, on one occasion I was up there with a young lady who for some reason was desperately tired, drunk or on drugs, as usual she only wore a slip dress and no underwear, it’s fairly easy to undress such a girl when she is half awake, but almost impossible to dress her again when she has passed out.


There was a girl there that I felt sorry for because she had lost her right hand, I was told by someone else later that she had been playing on the railway line when the accident happened, but rule number one is never believe anything that they tell you, rule number two is always wear a condom, if you went to a club or a brothel there would be a box with loose condoms provided free by the government, and you could help yourself to a handful.









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