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"Chapter 28 South Africa my next visit" 


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Chapter 28 South Africa my next visit


When my son Raymond first went to South Africa he stayed with a family called Dryer in Somerset West,

Brian Dryer worked for a local wine company and was a big man in more ways than one, he was a big man in the village and he was rather large in stature.


Raymond had been running a Karting center in Gloucester and had gone to South Africa with the idea of opening a center for go-kart racing in Cape Town, so it was that First Avenue Karting was born, Raymond rode around delivering spare parts on a large motorcycle, not the safest mode of transport in that lawless city.


The carting venture did not last very long due to competition opening up and a lack of cooperation between the partners, it was closed up before I arrived for my next visit.


Cape Town is surrounded by winegrowing country and we visited various vineyards in the area, I got to know one of Raymond’s work colleagues called Harry Stead a flamboyant character with a wife and two children, despite that he was just one of the boys, I used to visit Harry at his house in the upper Belleville to show him my past and current videos, his comment “I’m very impressed”


I can remember another occasion was some sort of party at the bungalow in Belleville attended by a lot of Cecile’s young female relatives, my bedroom was crowded out with these females as they watched my videos of previous bedroom performances, they all seem to enjoy it and I know I did; and my reward was a BJ before they departed.


Cecile was brought up in a suburb called Mitchell’s Plane not as bad as Kileasha but close, not a place you would go to after dark, on one occasion I visited her family from a strange direction and finished up on Elephant street completely lost, I phoned the house for help and waited there locked in my car to the puzzlement of the gathering locals.


On another occasion we were at the house when the local vicar arrived with his entourage to hold an in house prayer meeting, an unusual experience conducted in Afrikaans but solemnly enjoyed by the householders.


Christmas dinner was had with Cecile’s family and was a barbecue on the beach with a big stew pot, the contents of which was anybody’s guess, but there were plenty of good things to eat and a good time was had by all, in the evening we drove a little way along the beach to a brick built clubhouse, there were armed guards with automatic rifles on the door and we were searched before entry, we walked into this crowded dance hall and Raymond and I were the only two white folk there, Raymond said “ you can tell the gangsters because they all wear baseball caps I did a quick scan around the room and it seems every third man was wearing a baseball cap.


Cecile’s family was well known in the area and there was no actual trouble, when we got outside the car park guard commented that we were lucky that we haven’t had the car tires slashed, so we climbed aboard the MX6 and headed for home.


There was a family living with Raymond at this time, Shamile and his wife Rashida with their three daughters, five year old Mawada a ten year old I shall call Jean and a teenager who soon went to live with friends, I took on the responsibility of keeping the swimming pool clean and treated, Raymond had a pool scrubbing device operated by the pump so I just had to keep it working.


I would swim every day mostly accompanied by these girls and Nikki who was Cecile’s twelve year old niece, needless to say with South Africa’s wonderful climate a good time was had by all.


When we visited Cecile’s  parents we usually finished up playing a card game called Shoot which everybody enjoyed and could be easily engineered so that the money moved from the richer to the poorer, Nikki spent most of the time with her hand in my trouser pocket fishing for more change, and I did enjoy these sessions very much.


The tourist area is called the Waterfront and there is a very nice Chinese restaurant there that we used to visit occasionally, one time we went there and then on to a dance hall with Rashida and Shamile, there were plenty of nice young ladies there and to their amazement I was up on the dance floor for most of the time, when it came time to leave Rashida was nowhere to be found and it was only some hours later that she was located lying on the beach drunk as a skunk.


It was a custom of the south African police to set up roadblock checkpoints, I used to choose a route home to avoid these especially if I had a young girl in the car, I was once caught when traveling alone, but a white man with a UK passport was waved through with no problem, one evening I had entertained two young girls and it was very late when it came time to return them to Cape Town, I decided that an early morning trip would be more prudent and set off the next morning about 6.30, only to be amazed at the amount of traffic that was on the road, I only went around the block before deciding that it was a bad decision, especially coming upon a policeman directing traffic at the roundabout close to home.


Normally the waterfront area is well policed and regulated so it came as a surprise when some band of militants set off a bomb outside the Hollywood nightclub right in the middle of the tourist area, I don’t think the group called PAGAD had anything to do with this but they were a religious group called Parents Against Gangsters and Drugs, they were notorious for their merciless treatment of any drug dealers they could find, and were reported to have dragged one such from his house where they proceeded to douse him with petrol and set him alight.


















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