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"Chapter 30 let’s try Johannesburg" 


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Chapter 30 let’s try Johannesburg


After I escaped from Cape Town I was a little reluctant to return to South Africa but when given the opportunity for another holiday I decided the experience was worth the risk, Raymond got another contract with a different company, but once again in South Africa but miles away from Cape Town in Johannesburg.


A totally different existence, we lived in the city but in a housing project surrounded by barbed wire and with armed guards at the gateway, the house overlooked the edge of a park and we could see the natives strolling about there, there was a modern shopping center about 100m along the road and Cecilia and I used to venture that far on foot at midday do a little shopping and lunch in a piano bar, we remember it well for the small bottles of sweet desert wine we had after lunch, it was a South African wine called "Late Harvest" well worth a try if you get the opportunity.


It was not wise to walk home with your shopping the temptation would have been too great, so we used to take a taxi every time despite the short distance, in the evening the enormous fruit bats would fly over just at dusk, the temperature was quite tolerable but during the day there was nothing to do except lounge around.


Then Cecelia started to go to modelling school and do some fashion shows, I went along as the semi official photographer, most of the other students at the modelling school were teenage schoolgirls and one weekend they did a fashion show on the playing field at a local girl’s school, which was very interesting.


The lady boss of the modeling school picked Cecelia and I up in her car to transport us to the school grounds, unfortunately she had another model to pickup in the middle of Johannesburg, she didn’t know exactly where this girl was going to be waiting just “ by the stock exchange”, so it’s Saturday lunchtime we drive into the middle of Johannesburg with me a white male sitting in the front seat accompanied by four black girls, and virtually lost, we went down one road that was like a bus terminus with buses stopped on both sides and  hundreds of natives going about their business.


When we found her I volunteered that she could sit on my lap as a car was now full, but unfortunately she declined and decided they would all cram into the back seat, I had a very pleasant day at the girls school taking photographs as the girls did a show, but they wouldn’t let me into the changing rooms.


Raymond took Cecelia and I a few times to a nightclub which was called Titty Twisters I don’t recall they had much of a show but the place was full of young prostitutes, they had a system where they transported you in batches with your selected girls to private houses away from the club, the girls had obviously been imported from Indonesia or Thailand. I went in the minibus with two Austrailian lads that looked about 25 and the three chosen girls, one of the boys was awe struck and he said "fucking hell" to which I replied "I hope they do"


As with most night time establishments you were searched before they would let you in and there was great amusement when they found I had a 10in. jelly  dildo in my inside pocket, a very pleasant place to spend an evening but not exactly cheap.


All in all I had a pleasant stay there and an uneventful return trip back to England but I did like the girl’s from Thailand and resolved that I would visit Bangkok in the near future.


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Oct 2009
Henrietta Giseppe said:
posted on Dec 22, 2010
hi John

Your earlier stories were quite interesting. I enjoyed reading about your family and building your hotel business and your stories about Australia. But these last few stories have delved into nothing much other than your sexual escapades with young girls. I won't read these. I much prefer your earlier stories & for myself, hope you return to those. Would love to hear about your thoughts on South Africa and what you did (other than these exploits) and what you thought of the people, the city, the way of life, etc. Most of us will never travel as much as you have and enjoy reading about those not really as much your personal p redilections for young girls :(


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Apr 2008
Chuck Stallong said:
posted on Jan 10, 2011
wassup John

haven't posted in like 3 weeks man

keep on trucking!

Member Since
Oct 2010
John Edwards said:
posted on Jan 21, 2011
I'm still kicking

Hi chuck I went away for Christmas and have been busy as I am selling up,I off to New Zealand to visit my daughter. 
I shall of course stopover for a couple of weeks in Bangkok 
I shall have plenty of time in New Zealand for writing more chapters
thank you for your comment and you're interest John

Member Since
Oct 2010
John Edwards said:
posted on Jan 18, 2013
Progress is being made

Having reposted all up to chapter 30

I have writen 31 and will post soon
Thank you for your comments and your interest John