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When it was announced that we were having an extra day off work for the queen's diamond jubilee I knew instantly I was going on another trip out of the country. It was not just another chance to get away but also to escape the endless blanket media coverage of an event that I couldn’t care any less about. Copenhagen looked as good a city as any, there was flight times that were convenient to my work hours so that was it.

Unfortunately it involved yet another train ride down to Heathrow airport which by this time I was getting sick of. Once I landed it was only 15 minutes to the city which was great, the hostel had great character which was also a bonus. I spent the first evening walking around and getting a feel of the place then headed to the hostel bar for “happy hour” and to meet other travelers. A beer was about 50% more than back home and would have easily have been doublein the proper bars and nightclubs. I suppose if this bothered me that much I would never have gone in the first place. I got talking to a group of Australians but I didn’t really mix much with the others that first night.

The first day I did the walking tour route that was on the free map that we got from the hostel. The city itself reminded me a lot of Amsterdam with its building, loads of cyclists and its canals. In the 3 days I was there I didn’t see a single overweight person, I also didn’t see any beggars or dodgy looking people either!!!!!.

Rosenborg castle was one of the first stops, unlike in England you can actually take pictures of the crown jewels.

Nyhavn is probably the most photographed part of the city. After that I continued north to where a couple of big cruise ships were in dock. I couldn’t honestly see what the fuss was about with the little mermaid statue which I thought was a bit pathetic.  Overall it was a great city to just wander about.

When I got back there was a few new people in the dorm room so we spent the rest of the evening drinking and sharing stories in the hostel bar.

On the second full day I continued exploring the city picking up the bits that I missed out on the first day. The highlight had to be the national museum that took a couple of hours to walk round. Not only that it was actually free...............By that time I felt that I had properly explored the city as it was fairly compact.

The final evening we met a few more travelers and went out to an all you can eat buffet. After that it was back to the hostel bar. Out of the 3 weekend trips so far in 2012 (Paris and Dublin were the other 2) that had to be the best one for meeting other travelers which when you travel alone always is a priority.

Getting home was a bit hectic as London was packed for the Jubilee, in less than 2 weeks I would be going away to Spain so it was a case of unpack then repack!!!!!!!!

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