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If there's one place on earth where the negative image of the British tourist was cultivated it has to be Benidorm. It’s almost like a slice of England was picked up and dropped on the Spanish coast. You hardly ever hear a word of Spanish spoken, horribly sunburned people on package tours eat British food, drink British beer in British style pubs, at night they get very drunk and abusive.

If I was traveling solo it would have probably been the last place in Europe I would have gone by choice. But Lee Haywood had chosen to come here for his stag week with about a dozen others from back home. It would be the first time in 8 years since I have been in a foreign country with friends so I didn’t want to miss out.

I finally arrived after an 8 hour bus ride from Barcelona, and checked in to the same apartments as they had only a few hours earlier. The fact I had to pay a 50 Euro deposit showed the problem they had with previous guests. It was basic but I will give it credit for the fact it was a big room with private bathroom that cost less than a 8 bed dorm room cost in Barcelona. The skyline looked more like Hong Kong than a Spanish holiday resort town, but then again I was aware of this before I went.

I had no idea of where they all were so I just walked out in a random direction and found them all within 5 minutes. They hardly walk far at the best of times!!!!!!!!!! Predictably they had been drinking since the airport in the morning and were well “on the way”. Lee took us round the bars as he had been there several times before. The drinks were cheap in some of the bars, I paid 1 euro for a beer that cost 5 in a bar in Barcelona. So along with the room I will at least give Benidorm credit for one thing.

That first night was a bit of a mess crawling from bar to bar, everyone went back to the apartments at different times from 8PM to 4AM. I was one of the later ones!!!!!!! At one point we were all wearing stupid wigs that someone got hold of.......

35TH BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!

I felt more like 75 than 35 and spent a large chunk of the day asleep. I didn’t care as most of the others we around the pool or at the beach. Activities which as I have stated at length elsewhere I don’t do. We all regrouped near the pool sometime in the evening, some had been drinking all day which in that heat meant they weren't going to be seeing much of the night.

As well as my birthday there was the England - Ukraine euro 2012 match which we watched in a nearby bar. I have to admit that I didn’t like the atmosphere there, I felt that if England had lost that match there would have been fights breaking out in the street. I suppose it’s the end result of spending so much time in laid back backpacker bars with a mixture of nationalities.

By the end of the game some of our group were looking worse for wear, after the previous days drinking we seemed to be losing one from our group every half an hour. I have to admit that I was forcing myself to stay out just because it was my birthday. It was then that I properly noticed how many old people there were in Benidorm, they seemed to be everywhere. They looked the type that had been coming every year since the 1980s. There didn’t seem to be any young peoples bars or clubs in the area that we were. So I can’t even say that I wish I had gone there 10 years earlier. Some others in the group said that they weren't too impressed with the town.

I was ready to leave on my final full day there, I did little beyond walk to the station for my bus ticket to Madrid. A minor stomach upset insured I didn’t do a lot else that day. I went out that night but only had a couple and was in bed before midnight. I left for Madrid early the next morning, the rest of the group were staying one extra day.

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