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I am adding this additional chapter to my introduction, because after I initially wrote the introduction, it was very difficult to come back to it and try to make sense of all that I have experienced through the various stages of my life and the trials that I have endured or overcome.  I wish ...


The Birth of Charles Leonard Wiggins

The story has already been written for awhile on my blog "From the heart of Praise, Prayer and Perseverance. 0; Here is a link to that posting, Below are the pictures of the blessed event.   http://fromthehea rt-dotwigg.blogsp ot.com/2008/03/an other-2-prayer-re quest-answered.ht ml


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"The romance" 


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Well first there was Dean.  I met him at 5 years old and he had just turned 5.  He had gotten a toy cowboy gun belt with two silver toy guns and a cowboy hat and he was wearing full gear the first time I met him at my babysitters home.  Her name was Patty.  He would not share his guns, he would not let me see them and I thought he was cute, but then got mad cause he would not share.  Then when I was 12 years old he started staying with Patty too.  We all lived way out in the country,  with cornfields and tobacco fields, abandoned old houses, woods and a small pond.  there were two old buildings, that Patty's family used for storage.  There was an old rusted water pump outside that still worked, but the water was black and he and I found out when he pumped in long and hard enough, with me standing there with my hands underneath the spout.  There was an old car that didnt work sitting near the pump.  We rolled down the windows, and he always wanted to play Dukes of Hazard.  I had no idea what the rebel flag meant back then.  Our favorite song was "Footloose" and he would bring his radio and play that song over and over.  Patty was his paternal aunt, who lived with her parents, Henry and Louise.  Dean would always get permission to drive his grandpa's riding lawn mower round and round the house and all over the yard, at a speed that was just fast enough to keep me from being able to get on, and I would chase him around and he would stop as if he was going to let me get on, then start going before I could get on.  We busted out the kitchen window with the dog's ball and blamed it on the dog.  Henry and Louise both knew that the dog could not have possibley done it.  Dean had a troubled family life, but that didn't stop the two of us from having loads of fun.  He spent a large portion of time with his maternal grandmother, whom my parents spent a large portion of time with also.  Once I threw a cup of water on him and he and his neighbor friend chased me all over the yard and pastuer throwing water from the cow's trough on me, and I was getting cups of water to throw on them as well.  He got a beating for that, and I begged his grandma not to spank him, but she did anyway.  She was furious.  When I was 13 we moved away and I didn't get to see him much anymore after that.

At 15 I met "Batt and Roosta".  My favorite people of all time to this day.  We met at the mall in an arcade room.  I was playing "KungFu" and "Roosta" comes up behind me and is going to try to grab my behind, I see him and ask him if he wants to play KungFu, pretending I think that is what he was doing. And so the funniest people I ever knew came into my life. Roosta was usually the star of the show.  He would do things that teenagers think is funny like hunker down and look really strange and walk with a really bad limp that looked real and follow random folks around, esp older women cause they always gave him the funniest looks.  I was 15 and had never in my life been to a movie,  my parents thought movies were places for "sinners" and it was always off limits to me.  So Batt and Roosta took me to my first movie.  I was dating Batt, and Roosta kept us entertained.  So my first movie, I have no idea what we watched,  but let me start the story with this.  There was alot of rain that month, it rained very heavy for days and the creek behind the movie theater was very high.  They had a rubber boat, and we all three got into the rubber boat and floated for a very long way,  (it was still raining very hard but was warm).  We were soaked to the bone and then had to walk back up the creek.  We walked and when I would get tired, I would sit in the rubber boat and Batt would pull me, we took turns doing that, it wasn't just me.  So we get back to the movie theatre's parking lot,  soaking wet and very very muddy.  I made the mistake of telling them I had never been to movie, so we had to go, since there were nicely dressed folks standing in line under umbrellas.  I have no idea what we watched because during most of the movie I was hunkered down laughing and embarassed as hell at Roosta who was pissing everyone else off doing a goofy dance in front of the movie screen and singing really loud. They were throwing popcorn at him, and candy, but he did not care, he just kept right on, and I kept trying to hide, we eventually got thrown out, at which point we proceeded to the nearest mudhole and began to kick and splash more mud on each other.  One fall we got a sheet and camoflaouge stuff and Halloween make up and dressed up and ran around the neighborhood acting stupid.  The elementary school was having a PTA meeting in the gym, and I would go up the glass doors and wearing sheet would raise my arms and say "wooooo" and then when someone would come to tell me to go away I would run. It was my turn to make them laugh.  Alot of adults inside were laughing and being distracted from the speaker and the speaker did not look to happy, then I would come back and do it again.  Maybe it was immature for our ages, but it was fun and nobody got hurt.  Life with the preacher and his wife was not always fun, in fact most of it sucked.  I decided I wanted to run away, so of course Batt and Roosta decided we needed to run away together.  We saved up some cash, and left home and went to Washington DC with a pair of my roller skates.  Yes my parents were frantic, and I deserved a beating for it, but they did not punish when we came back.  I would have been so angry if it had been my child.  Got to give them brownie points for that.  While we were in Washington DC we went to see the capital museum.  Roosta could barely skate, but had to wear them to the capital.  We went inside, it was free, nobody cared that he was wearing the skates, we got into a room with the metal knights, the room was round and Roosta starts acting a fool and grabs one of them as he falls down, that one falls to the side, knocks the next one then the next one, and what a racket that made!  We were running out of there like nobody's business,  laughing our asses off.  Eventually it ended when I was 17.  Batt did not want to grow up, and I did want to grow up. 

I graduated High school in 1990.  There was so much life I felt I had missed out on due to coming from such a strict family environment.  I found friends and a way out of the house, I started community college, but was not in least dedicated to it.  In fact I thought it was boring as hell.  I left home at 18 and moved in with an alcoholic woman and her 15 year old child, cause there were no rules there, there wasn't always food either.  We got by, then got in trouble with the law for shoplifting, and returned back to my parents, who took me in again for God's sake. 

then I wanted to go and get some partying out of my system.  I did the whole drinking and smoking pott, and cigarettes thing, just for fun, life was to be lived only for fun at that point.  I slept with an asshole who took my viginity, almost forcefully, no I wasn't physically forced, but he got in with my family, then he took photos cause he was a photographer and I could be a model, and of course my family wasnt the faintest bit interested in that, then this so called photographer blackmails me into sleeping with him cause he has these "seductive" looking photos of me and knew my parents would be horrified to see them.  he was a peice of shit, I hope as a social worker I get to see him get busted.  His best freind got locked up cause they pulled him over and dumbass gave police permission to search his car and they find a hoard of pornographic pictures of children from all over the country in his trunk.  and that shit was before internet was widley used by anyone.   but that experience of loosing virginity like that took it's toll on me and my view of men. 

Having an IQ of 133 and coming from people who at best have IQ of 100 didn't help either.  the IQ just ended up driving me insane and makng me one angry bitch.  I did try to do things the right way,  took the PSAT and ended up in the group to be trained for the SAT, but got ignored by the teachers and pretty much pushed out cause my parents weren't in the least bit interested in seeing me get any further education and frankly were against.  Example,  I was trying at 19 to get a scholarship and got an application to an art school in Atlanta Georgia.  It was a book and I was not able to fill everything out at once and hid it between my matresses.  my mom finds it and goes ape shit and tells me if I get in or get a scholarship that I can't take my car with me, even though I was paying for the damned thing, but it was in thier name to keep insurance down. She said if I went to this school she nor my father would do one thing or give me one dollar to help me.  This led to further arguements about other stupid shit and I moved out and bought a piece of crap car in my own name so I would not have to fool with thier stupid shit anymore.  I watched my friends go off to college, come home all cool, and have the lives I wanted while I spent all my time working just to keep from starving, and some days I did not have food, one day I had a giant pretzel someone gave me, and that was all I ate that entire day.  I did have an apartment and a car that worked most of the time.  I guess at this point I decided the only future I had was getting married, (exactly what my mom wanted me to do since she got married at 17 and had to quit school cause my father was a jealous man at that time).  I worked in a auto parts store and the manager there was a real peice of shit.  He was in his 40's and saw the crappy situation I was in with family and all, and decided he was going to capitilize on it even though he was married.  For 3 years I worked there full time, only making enough to survive, no idea how to get pell grants for college or anything else and at that point I had stopped caring.  He tried to get me to sleep with him for 3 years, even said he would leave his wife and shit like that, dude was messed up cause I was vunerable.  It would serve him right to have to watch the same type of shit happen to his own daughter.  You may wander why I didn't look for work elsewhere, I did, but remember I had just been convicted in larceny for shoplifting at 18.  Sexual harrassment like you would not believe, it was living hell there too.  I hated that man, yet when I was really desperate, I would turn to him just to have someone to talk to. 

I dated a few guys,  but most importantly I met Kevin.  I really thought he was going to be the one, the only one.  He told me he loved me after knowing me for only a few weeks.  I told him that he could not be in love with me, he did not even know me.  I did fall in love with him.  The sad thing is, I did not at first,  at first I was pretty much using him for food everyday, a decent car, and a feeling of being worthwhile to somebody.  and as long as I treated him like an option, and had other guys pretty much knocking down my doors, and yes I mean that literally, you would have thought I had sparks shooting out it or something.  He finally asked me marry him and I excepted his engagement ring.  I was working at Belks, and the dude I had dated before Kevin came to the store and I had no way to get away from him, the dude took out an engagement ring he had bought for me and tried taking the ring Kevin gave me off and put on the one he bought for me.  It got bad enough that security came and escorted him out. 

When people (guys) figured out I was serious about staying with Kevin, and stopped trying to get me to go out with them, and when i finally fell in love with him and started treating him well, guess what.... he starts running around on me, and we break up,  I was DEVESTATED,  I could not eat anything for days.  I could not sleep either.  We had been together for 2 years, broke up for  few months, got back together cause I still loved him, and he just started doing the same shit over again then married one of my "fake best friends" wasn't that wonderful of him.


I married the very next male that I went out with.  still devestated over Kevin, knowing he would never change, and feeling I would never get over him and never have him either.  I married David.  I would be suprised if David's IQ is 80. 




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