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""Mommy put him back in your tummy"" 


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The horrible thing about being a spoiled only child, is that you have no concept of how to share. My parents realized this when I was two and a half, the day my little brother Sean was born. For months I had been so pumped up about it. Having a little brother was going to be great, or so I thought. I would sing to my future brother in French, and Hebrew. At two and a half I was already fluent in those two languages plus English. My parents could not have been more proud, but already my Mom suspected that there was something "weird" about me. I mean I was generally a strange child, I hated playing with toys and was perfectly content with my books, but she noticed that I had literally NO attention span. At my Hebrew daycare I would lose focus easily, and I didn't seem all that interested in making friends. I had Alex, and my friend Adam who was my age and in my class, so at least I wasn't a complete loner. Everyone else saw me as "gifted" because I spoke my first full sentence at 8 months old, my Mom however was worried. 

When my Mom went into labor in August 1993, I was sent to live with my Grandma, and Aunt until my brother was born. I remember running up and down the hallway on the 4th floor of my Grandma's apartment absolutely wired that I was going to have a brother. Two days later I went back home to meet Sean, my new baby brother. I can't say I remember taking my first glance at him, but what I do remember are all of the presents my relatives had bought for him. This really bothered me because usually all of the presents were for ME! I can remember poking my brother in the eye, and looking at my Zeyda and saying "so what about him Zeyda?" After a little bit I got bored of him (by a little bit I mean ten minutes at most), and looked at my Mother and said "Mommy can you put him back in your tummy now?" Which was met with a bunch of nervous giggles from various relatives. 
It turned out Sean was nothing to be concerned about. The poor kid learned at an early age to fade into the background, which is what I think is the cause of his problems today. I took up so much of my Mom's time, and her and I had such a close bond, nothing, not even my brother could sever it. My Grandma and Zeyda lavished me with affection a lot more than my quiet younger brother. Our nanny had a lot more fun with me, because I was a lot more outgoing, and my Aunt has even said out loud that she had a bond with me, and never could seem to form one with my brother. 
I was never exactly CLOSE with Sean. I would play transformers and dinosaurs with him from time to time, but he was hard to get close too. He was a very sweet child though, he used to say to me "when I am older I am going to marry you!" He was quiet and timid which made him an easy target for bullies, so I spent a lot of my childhood beating people up for him, and comforting him. He would cry easily, and would let anyone walk all over him. He was, and still is, extremely kind. He is so afraid of hurting anyone, even me, which means I got away with A LOT, even if I was the child at fault. I also remember some instances of him coming to sit on my lap when he was a toddler. 
On Alex's second birthday her brother Eitan was born. Now we both had little brothers, which we thought was pretty neat. Eitan and Sean have pretty much the same story as Alex and I. They became best friends, and are still in touch to this day. Sean and Eitan however were NOTHING alike. Alex and I were pretty much the same person, but Eitan was noisy, bossy, and pushy. Maybe that was good for Sean, to be around someone like him, although I think he did freak Sean out quite a lot. 
Something my brother and I did have in common though was our love for Michael Jackson. We never wanted to listen to normal children's music, and would spend hours rocking out to Michael Jackson. MJ is a huge part of my life, starting from the time I was just a tiny baby. More about him later!

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