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"My second visit to Thailand" 


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My second visit to Thailand

I was back again in June 2004 desperate to see my ladylove again I booked again into the Nana more or less into the same room and virtually took up where we left off; her name was Nicky and she still worked part-time as a cashier, was studying at the local university this as you can imagine was quite hard for her being a young girl working all day at studies and reporting for duty as a cashier by 7 o’clock in the evening cashing up at 1 o’clock in the morning and then going home to snatch a few hours sleep, she had an apartment close to the Victory Monument with the University close by.


I was madly in love with her and would go over to the bar which was called the Hollywood bar and sit by the cashier’s desk holding her hand and chatting for hours, eventually she allowed me to take over to the hotel and buy her dinner she knew that I was going with other girl’s everyday and as I explained to her if I wasn’t having sex with her I needed to go somewhere, “that’s all right I’m a virgin and I don’t want to have sex yet” she said.


Our affair developed slowly I wasn’t going short of sexual activity and was quite happy to spend time with her enjoying her company but obviously the stress she was under was having its toll on her and eventually I persuaded her to give up her job as a cashier which wasn’t paying very well anyway; and instead come and visit me after university and spend the evening with me and I would pay her 1000 bar every time she visited this was much more to her liking as she could come for a few hours and then get away by 9 o’clock to go get some well earned sleep, we were doing everything except having actual sex she had a normal very attractive 20-year-old body which I enjoyed very much I was so enamored with her we even talked of marriage but she told me that she didn’t intend to get married until she finished her studies in two years time she did however invite her mother and father to come down from Udon Thani which was her hometown, to visit the hotel for a couple of days and whilst they were there she explained the Thai system of the potential husband giving the parents a dowry they persuaded me that it was necessary for me to give the parents a lump sum so I went to the safe in the hotel took out 25,000 baht and gave it to her parents.


I wasn’t too concerned about the money I had been doing very well and had a lump sum in the bank and at the time I can remember saying to myself “don’t worry it’s only money” then came the time that Nicky was due to celebrate her 21st birthday so we arranged for a celebration dinner in a restaurant on soy three opposite the hotel; she invited her parents and about 20 friends for a sit-down meal with a nice birthday cake and a good time was had by all, after the dinner we went to the Hard Rock Cafe in the town for more wine booze and dancing and proceeded to party well into the night after the Hard Rock Cafe they wanted to go to another venue and some of the girls said “we can walk it’s not very far”, I decided I wasn’t going to walk very far at that time of night to a place I didn’t know in Bangkok so we climbed into two taxis and eventually arrived at this new venue my camera was confiscated at the door and the system was that you bought a bottle of spirits on entry, went in and stood around the table and ordered soft drinks to complement whatever spirits you had bought, we did that for an hour or two and then the party broke up it was quite enjoNickyble but I hate to think what the total expense for the evening were; I told Nicky she could go back to her apartment and I took a cab back to the Nana hotel for a well earned rest


We dropped back into the routine of Nicky visiting every evening after university and she would spend Friday and Saturday night sleeping with me at the hotel; she was very reluctant to wear her school uniform anywhere near the hotel and would always change before she turned up she was now 21 years of age so everything was quite legal I was enjoying myself still enjoying the local girls during the day I’m quite happy to spend time with Nicky in the evening we usually dined in the hotel dining room and became well known there I stayed in Thailand until December 1st.


At that time I was on visitors Visa which necessitated me taking a trip to Cambodia once a month to get my passport stamped this was a chore which I didn’t enjoy, it meant I had to spend all day in a minibus four hours down to the Cambodian border, cross the border, hang around for half an hour then get back in the minibus and four hours back to Bangkok I think it cost about 2000 baht, but the regulations dictated that this was necessary.


Nicky having more time in the evenings enrolled with a company called Pretty Girl to do promotions for products either outside shopping centers or big hotel she would dress in the company attire and seem to quite enjoy meeting the public in this way; Pretty Girl then recruited her to be basically a chorus girl there was a troupe of chorus girls that travelled with a popular singer called Superstar as he went to various venues and they danced in the background as he and his backup singers  performed; this did mean that she was travelling sometimes to outlying towns around Bangkok but she did seem to enjoy it she was still doing this at the time of my return to England in December


By this time I was well familiar with her body and had determined that she was no longer a virgin and on querying this with her she told me that a long time ago while she would still at school a boy had had broken her cherry, but she was still a cock virgin


Compared to the activities that I was indulging in, going with a different prostitute whenever the opportunity presented itself I really was in no position to criticise her so I left for England in a happy frame of mind.

My second visit to Thailand

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