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"How can he forget?" 


Date Range: 01/18/2012 To 03/04/2013   Comments: 1   Views: 140
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Ever since our breakup, he is all I can think about. The worse part is that I want to get over him. But the memories keep replaying, and the tears keep coming. We shared everything together. I told him things that I never even told my mom. He was the first person I ever stayed the night with, the first person I ever showered with. His parents treated me as if I was there own. His family adored me and I was there when his great grandma passed away. Now that he is with Christina, I barely even matter anymore. I find every possible chance to avoid seeing him, because I can't handle the sight of him holding someone else hand. I helped him with homework and always wanted the best with him. Christina is not the right person for him. She is a well known slut, and I cant help but feel that one of the reasons he broke up with me to be with her is because I wouldn't have sex with him, and she will. It brings me to tears because he told me that I was the only one that he wants to lose his virginity to because that would make us like one. I thought he truly loved me. I know that I deserve better, but I can't let go. I miss everything about him. I miss that we could be together and just hang out. He was not only my boyfriend, but he was my best friend. He has already introduced Christina to his family and they have only been together for a month. I don't want to bare the thought that they have all replaced me with her. She brings him down as a person. Lately he has been acting like a completely different person. Even our mutual friends have noticed. He has this cockiness to him, and he has been failing classes, and skipping classes with his girlfriend, which he had never done before. How is it that I am the only one missing him and hurting? I want to be happy, but it's bringing me down. I don't understand how someone you spent every day with for three years can mean nothing to you. How can he look at me, and talk to me as if nothing ever happened with us? I miss him so much that I keep having dreams that we are still together? It's tearing me apart. I don't know what to do anymore.

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ra-yaj zeravla said:
posted on May 10, 2013

i understand, i think he didnt love you anymore and he did not loved you from the start ,there is something he want to get from you ,  no one can be trusted except your self, even police, family , sometimes cannot be trusted, just keep your past as a lesson,")