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Date Range: 01/01/1999 To 12/31/2009   Comments: 0   Views: 123
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I was dying, I know its the same for everybody we all die a little bit everyday don't we? But its the first month since 1999 that I am not drunk or on drugs, I guess that's make me different to most of the human being.

I started smoking dope at the early age of thirteen when I was twenty one I spend most of my weekend dancing on electronic music and testing all kinds of chemical stuff, live fast and die young was my religion; but I survive. I really don't know why, its probably unfair but I'm thankful then ironically I love to live. I must be a miracle of the evolution then somehow my body seems to adapt at all the situation he's been through, carrying me through all the excess.

I am a product of my environment and I use to live in a jungle, in a cold and hostile forest of concrete full of predators in the middle of a city, the biggest town in Switzerland called Zurich.

Right now, while I'm writing those words I'm sitting in the front of a desk in a luxury suite that cost a thousand dollar a night, in central Java in a place called Borobudur. Not bad for a guy that use to share a tiny apartment in the biggest red light district of Switzerland, fifteen minutes away from my dealer, right next to a few brothel. 

My stepfather's brain is shrinking. The doctor say its due to the age, as something to do with the scale or something like that, I don't really know I'm not a doctor and I'm not a writer either. but the fact that the most healthiest person I ever met in my life is loosing is mind motivated me to write those words. I don't want to forget.

The cold night that I spend siting in front of an electrical heater, all the time that I spend drinking and being high, all the mistake that I made but most of all I need to remember that epic journey that started with the four years that I spend in south east asia, Australia and Indonesia. Its only the beginning of a very long travel I hope, but you never know, after all we all die a little bit every day...     

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