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Date Range: 01/01/1999 To 12/31/2009   Comments: 0   Views: 68
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A wise man said one day that even if all the flowers in the world would disappear spring will still coming.

There was no flower in my world only weed, and the darkness of an never ending winter, but then suddenly there was light a tiny ray was warming my heart I was about to fall in love, spring was about to come.

Here name was Eliane she was about to start here acting school, we meet at work. Back in the days I was a chef at the canteen of the Citibank in Zoorich. Eliane was 19 years old, I was 7 years older but she was so much wiser than me. 

She was helping carrying plate and serving our guest, I will never forget the first time I saw here, it was love at the first sight, she was simply the cutest thing I ever saw and I rember saying to myself if she ever became my girlfriend I would change, I would stop drinking and smoking weed and doing cocaine and this and that...Empty promises,like always.

It all started with a beer at the terasse of an italian cafe, I didn't drink much that night I wanted to impress here, I made here laugh, she made me feel young and then a few minutes after midnight as we where waiting for the bus I kissed here.

We where together for 5 years.

After three month she decided to move to my apartment, in the jungle, a little colour full butterfly was entering the hornet's nest.She rocked my world, before she came all I had was a coach and an old Tv.

She was a fighter, winning the first few rounds: I almost stopped drinking, I was only High when she was not around and I stopped doing cocaine and a few times she even made me stop smoking pot but she was facing a powerful opponent, my worse enemy: myself.

With the money that I saved from being sober we where able to buy some furniture, an old leader coach and some shelves, we even had a real kitchen with food and a table to eat. 

For the first time I had a normal life. From all the changes she made  there is one thing I'm always going to be thanks for: the traveling.

Thanks to here I discover Thailand, and after spending a few weeks in the land of the smile a knew what I had to do, leaving switzerland, starting a new life far away from Zoorich and all the madness.

No matter how much he learn a dog still a dog so after a little while I get back to the old me, a drinking pot head, a junkie, a shame but luckily I had a solution.

We left Switzerland, to make a fresh start in Laos in the year 2009. That was the begin of my journey but also the end of our relation...

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