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"a snow day I wont soon forget" 


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A snow day I wont forget.


One winter morning I rubbed the blurriness from my eyes as mom was waking my sister and I to tell us the school had called and because of the snow school will be closed until further notice. Snow did mom say snow!

When I staggered to the window I couldn’t trust what I saw to be real .my sister jumped down from the top bunk yelling no school, no school yeah!


I was so excited I didn’t know what to do first. I chose to run outside and see the snow, mom caught me at the door and said wogh Jayboy go and get dressed then you can go and play.

So after getting dressed Sue and I headed for the Masons.


We burst into the  living room and You could feel the excitement in the warm air that radiated from the giant wood stove.

By this time The power was out on the hill so breakfast was being cooked on the wood stove. Everyone was in attendance and we had a great feast that morning.

Kenny decided that we should take the army truck up to the top of the mountain and pull the flat landers out of the ditches for 40 bucks a pop. I gathered that when it snowed people from the valley would come up to play in the snow and get stuck, giving the locals a chance to make some extra money.

Kenny and his sister Cindy, sue and I spent the morning getting folks unstuck.

The snow was really coming down hard and Kenny thought we should head for home while we still could. The road to the top of the mountain is vary steep and a 10 ton army truck would have a tough time stopping going back down if it started to slide.

After traveling, about a mile the truck started to slide quite a bit .Kenny thought it would be a good idea if we walked along side the truck till we reached the flatter Area in case he lost controle. To this dayI’m not sure how but I got separated from them.

Their was probably about a half hour ofday light left, a foot of snow, bad visibility, and I was several miles from home.


As I walked in the tire tracks down the mountain I started to realize that my feet were wet my hands were cold and I was traveling to slow. I figured it was about ½ a mile to the flat section of road then around a mile to the bottom of Mount Bachie rd, from their to Soquelrd 2 miles about another mile to miller cut off. Then I would be half way home.

Darkness set in and the tire tracks slowly disappeared I knew I was in no real danger because I could stop at the Radnitchranch, about a ¼ mile from the base of Mt bachi If I had to but I would have to be in bad shape to do this because I wanted to get home something terrible.

I knew my mom would be vary worried when my sister comes home with out me.

After a while I am standing in front of the fire station watching the flickering of the fire coming through the window.taking a quick look at my feet I’m wet up to my knees then I scan the road ahead .

Seeing no fresh tire tracks only snow, once more looking at my feet then quickly calculate how much more time I will be walking.

If I really had to I could probably see well enough to take a shortcut through Edles orchard or even better once I got to the Whitman house I could climb their fence and run down the old fire road and save 45 minutes at least. Taking one last look at the flickering fire I said to myself, I’m going for it.

I started out with a jog to warm up a bit and about an hour later just before heading up Miller cut off, I spot Mike Gamble.

(A local tree faller) cutting a tree that had fallen across the road. It was kind of funny because I was standing behind him waiting for him to finish his cut, which he did then turns off the saw and turned around I must have startled him cause he jumped back and cursed. Seeing me he cursed some more and said don’t sneak up on a guy like that jay ya damn near gave me a hart attack Boy.

Sorry mike as I smirk at him.

He goes on looking around then asked; wareis Kenny?


 I told him what had happened and he said shit boy you walked hear from the top of bachi? I started to repeat what I had just said and he interrupts me. Hold on!hold on!  Kenny’s right you are a smart ass.

Get in the truck your are coming with me.

 I begin to protest Telling Mike my mom will be worried and so on but mike was ignoring me.  He tossed the chain saw in the truck then as I was still protesting he grabs me by the arms and tosses me in the passenger seat. The next thing I know I wake up on a couch by a huge fire and I can hear mike and his red headed wife talking in the kitchen. Mike is saying to her that I talked my self to sleep before he had the truck turned around. I completely remember thinking, gees Mike I don’t talk that much or………….shit maybe I do. I jumped up with more protest that if grownups would listen more then we could cut my talking in half.  Thay laughed at my remarks, we had some soup and his red headed wife was so sweet she lent me some sweats and socks and I was asleep again for a while.


The next time I woke up it was time to travel.They were asleep allowing me to check the phone {still out of order} and slipaway.

 Withdry shoos and socks and some rest I almost ran the 4 miles home. at first itwas kind of creepy.compleatly quiet except for the crunching snow beneath myfeet and the occasional tree giving up under the weight of snow on its limbsand crashing to the ground.my eyes searching through the forest for a lightcoming from a house for some kind of comfort but all I saw was the darkness ontop of the snow. A car stuck in the ditch and abandoned hear and their. Stetsonrd was littered with fallen trees. Climbing over, under them seamed endless,and soaked my clothes in minutes. I came in the house to find that their wasn’tanybody home.

 Iran across the creek to the mason’s and saw candles in the windows so I went inand their in the living room was every person I knew mom saw me and burst intotears and about squeezed the life out of me. It was 4am

I had been trying to get home for 11hours.

The value of that experience for me couldonly be calculated several years later when the confidence in my self that Igained continued to benefit me like it does today.


At 4 am, my firstyear in the mountains with two ft of snow on the roof no phones no power I toldmy story to all the people that mattered to me and I remember some of theremarks.

Kenny said the boy pays attention. Phil  he said ya didn’t leave much for your guardian angel to do. I told the story from my mom’s lap and she just squeezed me and said that’s my jay boy I shouldn’t be surprised. I think their confidence in me went up a bit. I know my confidence in me went way up that night. 

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