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Been locked in my room for 6 months, and coming out with pure knowledge, i was 15 years old. I had gone to school. But although i was getting on track with my work, It was delayed by a girl named Kayli Porkov. She was 17. But it was the first time i ever actualled had feelings for someone. One day i made my way up to her and asked if she wanted to be my girlfriend, but in a different less inderstanding way. In a way that she invited me to her house. I remember feeling as if all the knowledge i had founded myself on had vanished, in my mind i was only thinking about one thing. When i got there she said make sure to be asleep by 11pm. I had found that i was babysitting her sister Lemiya, who was only 3 months younger than me. I did'nt really know her either, and it was an awkward experience, after a few hours we started talking, and by the end of the night it seemed as if we were friends. I thought being her friend might also get me closer to Kayli. As school went on, it was like i was becoming dumber and dumber. Then one day i was with Lemiya and she told me Kayli was pregnant. I did not believe this, and all my feelings i had ever had for her dissapeared. Also that day Lemiya asked a question, that suprised me. She asked if i wanted to be her boyfriend. I had never really thought about her like that, not that she was'nt attractive but she was more of just a friend. But after thinking about what she said about her sister, i told her i would. After going out with her for 5 months, i asked her to move in with me. You must remember i have been incharge of my whole family from the age of 12. She didnt accept my offer. One day we finally decided it was our time to "do it" and by this i mean "make love". For me i had finaaly felt happy in my life. As i knew as long as i had her. A few weeks before my 16th birthday, Lemiya told me that she was pregnant. Now by now you must be thinking this is a movie or something. But the truth is this is my life, and i already had have to help raise my younger siblings, so i didnt really feel to strange about it. On June 12 2010 my son was born. I decided to name him after my father,and he became Neto Sentrov. Also Lemiya moved in with me. I decided to leaave school to spend time with my son. I also started work at a place which is translted into "The Lake" which is a shop that sells everthing as where we are located there are many accessible places. 3 Years later and i am now 19. Makyra is 18, Lyro and Lyria are 18, and Lyria is married to a 21 year old named Kayun, and she is 7 months pregnat on 30th April 2013. Victor is 17, Netera is 16, Makyra is 15, Kentuk is 14, Tomas is 13, Jonven is 10, Netira is 7, Aryla is 6, and Neto is 3 on June 12 2013. Also since then i have had the houses rebuilt to fit everyone. Life has been hard for me, but from now i am looking at an optomistic future.

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