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"Welcome me to the world" 


Date Range: 09/17/1997 To 03/09/2000   Comments: 0   Views: 176
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Some say life is worth living, everything happens for a reason, right? even when something horrible happens, a simple smile would be enough to survive. 

my birth was an accident, a simple mistake, unplanned. even if sweetened to death by the "surprise" lie, behind closed doors, it wouldn't be hard to see hatred to me.

i was born the same year as my brother. although he (Ryan) loved me more than life itself, you could tell he was a left out child. my dad didn't love him truly, as my sister took the limelight of being daddys little girl. he was always ignored, until i was born, when he protected me and loved me.

loves difficult to find in my household.

i was also born on my Grandads birthday. a saint apon earth, he loved and cared for his grandchildren, yet, opposite to my father, ignored Helen (my sister). i cant blame him. loud, attention seeking and was used to getting her own way, it wasn't a surprise to see her ignorance.

i was born not crying. simply looking around, showing off my big eyes. i was always taught how mum broke her waters dancing to the spice girls at 3 in the morning. i havn't exactly brought up why yet, i prefer to not know.

i grew up a quiet hardly talking little girl. never crying, just making small noises now and again. my brother adored me, for such a big lad who often seems to complain about everything, you'd think he'd hate the world and all who inhabit it. i grew up loving him to death. his normally loud personality led him to be quiet and caring to me. 

my sister was selfish and never really saw much in me. she saw that i tore my dads attention from her to me, and gave no attention to me past that. id become daddys little girl, sparkling innocence, happiness, never crying, always smiling. i was the girl who was always happy no matter what. i once heard the story on hwo my dad once fell down the stairs with me and as he lay on the ground crying, i sat on his stomach, started clapping my hands and goign "AGAIN, AGAIN" in a towel. i still don't see why dad cant see the funny side in this.

Of course i was loved, our family was never perfect, but at this time we were happy. I was happy. Bring on 2 years old in nursery.

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