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"BOY! were they surprised ...." 


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I have Heard so many stories about the day I was born , so I can just about picture  that day in my mind as if I was there, I can see the tiny little man pacing the hospital waiting room , back then they did not allow the husbands in the Birthing room . I can also see the unbalanced mixture of drunk Rednecks and Southern Baptist Self Proclaimed Royalty. both on opposite sides of the room glaring at each other both trying to intimidate the other . as my mother a few doors down trying to get rid of her 10 month passenger, I heard complete horror stories about that pregnancy .

you see daddy did not want any more children , because the doctor told her she shouldn't have any more because she had a softball size tumor they found soon after my brother was born , but momma wanted one more child and she did everything she could to get what she wanted , she ripped condoms , she skipped birth control.she was planning a pregnancy with out daddy having any knowledge  that she was going to get what she wanted. well it finally happened she got pregnant  , and they had to postpone her surgery , momma said she carried me 10 months , the doctor made her walk miles  to stimulate labor , they tried every thing but I just was not ready . so they finally put her in the hospital to do a C section. mother said the doctor was 30 minutes away  and the nurses were getting her prepped  for his arrival  now she was not sure what was in the IV but the nurse come in and and said this is dripping slowly at this rate we will be here all night so she turned it up , throwing mother into full labor . so I was coming weather she or the doctor was ready or not , and to make the story worse I was comeing out ass first , andi was supposed to be C section , by the time the doctor got there I was being born naturally , and painfully  it was so bad the doctor come out and talked to my dad about the situation , he told the doctor to save his wife, but the doctors hand must have been guided  by God him self that day he saved us both they lost count at 400 stitches momma was literally split in half . but I was here we both were fine . so daddy wanted to name me Jeremy  momma did not like that none too well because she loved clint eastwood and she wanted to name me Clinton Edward well of course you see who won . the two families in the waiting room had their own ideas about who I was going to be I was either going to be a High school Drop out who could out Drink his Grandmother by age of 10, and the other side  was thinking I was going to be a deacon or a preacher and pasture a church . by the time I finish my story you can see they both were wrong , I was one child in the family that was going to march to a different tune, and choose my own path , with no apologies or guilt all I can say BOY !!! were they surprised.. 

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