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So decisions have to be made. I doubt every decision I make now. I decided I cant keep the home if it is going to continue to cause stress for me and my son. I have always been told it is a house not a home. Not sure how that works. This has been my HOME for 20 years. The longest I have ever lived in one place since the day I was born. After collecting the information needed to make my decision I realized I have struggled with the loss of my house for some time now. Starting with when I was still married and I had become ill and shortly after my husband did. That was the shortest time but I remember neighbors bringing us food. The next time was the divorce. It was not easy but until then I had not so good credit so I was not sure I could get the home. The deal made with my husband was if I could get the home in my name. I get it in the divorce. He really didn't expect me to get it. That was obvious by the look on his face when he was signing it over. Oh and whomever got the house got the riding mower. To this day not sure if the house or the mower was what made him clench his teeth. The next time I lost my job with an advertising company I had worked very hard to move up in. I had a wonderful boss that was a very supportive and positive influence in my life. However when he sold the business. The new owners felt I was overpaid. From here it was downhill. I went from almost $25 an hour to my next job. Door greeter at a bar working for free some times and $5 an hour others. Yes I know they have to pay you minimum wage. Well, not really they just have to take advantage of the fact that u just lost any other income and keep you busy enough trying to make the bills to find something better. I did move up in that job to bartender, then bar manager. Wow I can pay the bills. Not really. The bills are now 1 year behind almost and believe it or not i am getting $2.15 an hour and that's when I am off the floor in the office as well. Yes I do payroll so I should be able to make sure I get paid. He always changed it if I didn't make the tips he would call payroll and change it. I later found this out. Cant wait for that big bonus. He even told my son I can take him to Disney with this bonus. Oh no you didn't just lie to my son. Apparently yes because who goes to Disney with $250 in their pocket.. This job ended badley. He closed it down in the middle of the night. He would say with warning but why would I have stayed toill 5 am reprograming a new menu for him if he was having his team of friends come in and take everything the moment I left. If I hadnt returned to batch out the cc machine i would have found out the next day in the papers when he filed a police report saying he was robbed. Now wait a minute i was there last night late, and now the place is cleaned out no forced entry and I had the keys. Even the tip jars. This wouldnt be the last I heard form him but needless to say I lost alot including personal items used in the business. That took me to my next job Yogurt sales, bartender in a asian bistro, and door greeter at a bar. yes all 3

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