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Patna to pune 36 ... (2013-2013)
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"Amazing love story" 


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28th December, 2006: I was pursuing my BBA from Sinhgad college under University of Pune. I was at home for holidays since 1 month as it was the end of 1st semester. My second semester classes were beginning from 2nd of January, 2007. I was in Patna and was supposed to board the Patna- Pune train on 8th of Jan, 2007 but since my classes were starting from 2nd of January  I was a bit upset. I was not in a favor of missing classes as it was the beginning of 2nd Semister, also  there was fine for each missed class. Due to these reasons I was fighting with my father to send me latest by 1st or 2nd Jan so that I can attend the classes. But my father was not ready as on 8th of Jan one of my senior was also going with me to Pune hence he was not ready to send me alone in train . He gave me an option to find a friend who can accompany me on 2nd of Jan then only he wil let me go.

Somehow I managed to convince one of my friend to accompany me and finally we got ticket in tatkal . I was very happy that I would not miss lot of classes but never knew that this 36 hrs journey from patna to pune would be the turning point and the most wonderful journey of life.

Me and my friend (Vikas) boarded the train on 2nd January at 9 pm. My father left us and got down when the whistle blew. Train started, I was wondering that why were  the 4 birth around me was empty. Suddenly a group of boys entered and occupied those births. I was the only girl there and was a bit uncomfortable. One of the guy was trying to adjust his luggage below my seat which was too large and heavy, he pushed the luggage forcefully and hurt my leg unknowingly. I gave a horrible expression and he said sorry.

The train was full of wait list people so there was no space to stand as well. My friend Vikas got got mixed with the guys and had a quite long conversation. I went to my upper birth and slept.

Next Morning 3rd of January, 2007-: I woke up at 8’O’Clock, went down and sat on the lower birth. Rest  of the guys were still sleeping except one who hurt my leg. He was listening music , after sometime  we introduced ourselves. His name was Navneet. After some time rest of them got up and introduced themselves to me they all were from different colleges and senior to me. By lunch time we all became friends and started playing games like antakshari etc.

One of the guy was a grt magician and showed us lot of tricks. We were amazed by his magics and got more involved with each other. So this is how our friedship journey started.

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