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"The List" 


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Ninth grade started out bright enough, there were a couple of new fads hitting my school, the first was MySpace, and the second was live journal. Everyone I knew had both, and it was all people really talked about.Ethan and I were reunited in September, but every Friday and Saturday night Michael would bang on my back door drunk out of his mind, and I would take care of him. Sometimes he would hang out with Ethan and I, but playing Monopoly and building bridges out of tooth picks wasn’t exactly his idea of a good time. Besides that he wasn’t really causing much of an issue in my life because I just simply pulled away. That is of course until one day in November.

By then it was pretty much widely known that I was dating Ethan, and everyone was so happy about it, “they’re such good kids,” was usually the chosen words to describe Ethan and I. Michael on the other hand wasn’t as popular with the adults in the community, although he was with the kids. In early November however, he began seeing a boy in college named Jeremy.Apparently one evening the two were spotted kissing in the park together, and it spread like wildfire. Despite Michael telling everyone he was “not gay” it was pretty hard to believe it seeing that he was…well…not the most masculine of men. Now Priya and I made a point of walking with Michael wherever he went because other kids would throw rocks at him, or yell some choice words. Ethan wasn’t really much help in all of this and told me he thought gay people should go to hell, because the bible said so. I hadn’t told him Michael was gay because he wasn’t out, but my friend Elisa was who he got along with very well.I told him if I ever heard him say that again I would dump him so fast he wouldn’t know what hit him. He seemed shocked at my reaction, and never said anything about Michael’s sexuality ever again. I think Michael was genuinely shocked by this outpouring of homophobia towards him from our community, and began to panic. “I need to do something,” he would always say to Priya and I, and we would just shrug. “I don’t know if there’s anything he can do,” Priya would say to me, and I would agree.

On this particular November morning I woke up late because I had a spare first period, but my phone had been ringing off the hook, it was Priya who had also texted me about fifteen times. “What’s going on?” I asked her and she started screaming. “I’m going to give you a live journal and go on your computer and type it in right away!” she said and gave me the address.When I typed it in I literally felt my heart stop. In big bold letters it said ‘THIS JUST IN: MICHAEL’S LEAKED LADY LIST’. “What is this? What?” I said speechless, despite it saying it was anonymous I knew who had posted this. On it was a scanned picture of a page in Michael’s notebook of all the girls he had presumably “fucked” a bunch of girls names were on it, including mine it said I had slept with him 7 times despite me being in a relationship with Ethan for over six months, but Priya’s was worse “FIFTEEN TIMES?” I screamed. “This is it Chelsea, I can’t deal with this anymore…he’s going down.”

I was more worried about Ethan’s reaction to all of this, than getting revenge. Ethan was really great however, and told me he was sure Michael leaked it himself, as was I, but I decided that I would give him a chance to explain himself before I did anything drastic. What I didn’t expect was that everyone in Oak Bay would see this “list”. When I walked down the street I now was called “slut” “whore” and I got a whole lot of “I can’t believe she would do that to poor Ethan,” from the adults in my community. It took me two days to find Michael (he was obviously trying his hardest to avoid Priya and I), I finally cornered him in the dance studio at our school. “Outside!” I commanded, and he followed without protest. “What the hell Michael?” I asked,and he looked at the ground. “It wasn’t me I swear!” he said and I rolled my eyes. “Bullshit, of course it was!” “No someone did that to help me I didn’t do it! I have no idea who did!” “Can you not lie to me please?” “I’m not!” “Wow. You really fucked up and now you’re not even going to own up to it? You’re not even going to apologize to me or to Priya?” “For what Chelsea?” “JESUS!” I screamed exasperated. “I’m so over your bullshit Michael! I’m sorry but I’m not letting this one go!” I said and walked away, meaning every word I had said.

That evening Priya and I took our revenge in the worst way possible. “Did you screen shot at least three?” she asked me over the phone. I gulped, “yes,” I said. “Me too, now post it,” she said, and that is exactly what we did. Three screen shots each of three separate MSN conversations with Michael where he was talking about being gay. Now they were on live journal, and of course it didn’t take long for it to reach the whole school.

“I can’t believe we out-ed him,” I said to Priya the next morning at school and she shrugged. “He deserved it,” she said and I couldn’t exactly disagree. I tried my hardest to avoid Michael for the rest of that morning, which wasn’t exactly easy for Priya seeing as they had almost all of the same classes. I did see him once during lunch break in the cafeteria surrounded of course by a group of girls, and then again after school, outside of the candy store, where he just shot me a dirty look. “Do you think you’ll ever talk to him again?” Ethan asked me after Michael sulked off. I shrugged, “I did something really mean.” “Well so did he,” said Ethan, “who cares though he’s going to just end up doing his cocaine and dying.” I cringed at that only because it was probably true; the question that kept going through my head was ‘am I better off without him?’

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