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"When it actually happend" 


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My brother Kyle Thomas was sat on the couch Im not quit sure how old he was then. My Dad Paul Daniel was at Tesco's shopping and i was left at home with kyle with nothing to do i found some string in one of the kitchen draw to put round your neck and put keys on it and it said England on it. Because my brother was bossy and mean he walked into the kitchen and said to me what do you think your doing he took it off of me and i throw a paddy and stormed off out of the kitchen and slamed the door but what I didin't know is that my thumb was caught in the hinges part of the door and squished half of my thumb. I was walking away from the door to go upstairs to open the hallway door I looked at my thumb and bloody was crashing side to side around my thumb and i could see my bones crunched in the blood in my thumb my brother opened the door and saw me panicing and he saw my thumb. Next thing I know my brother was running around the living room effing and blinding in horror he rang an ambulance from the B.R.I. are nearest hospital they told my brother to put a damp cloth on my thumb finally a ambulance arrived and my brother called my dad. My dad and the paramedics were outside talking.they rushed me into the ambulance and the paramedics told my brother to get a bag of frozen peas my brother came back out the house with a bag of frozen chips they picked up the other part of my thumb and open the bag of chip and put them both into a little box my dad said it looked like a slug but unfortunetly they could not keep it fresh it was to late so i had to get a be continued 

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