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"A serious wake up call" 


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1- Legality
All the information in the post have been obtained legally. I am not tied to any contract(s) or any sort of agreement(s) to keep this information secret. I have all the rights necessary to write about the information in this post. I believe in freedom of speech and the first amendment of the United States Constitution.

2- Who I am 
I am a US citizen but using a fake identity for this post for the time being. I might or might not reveal my real identity in the near future depending on the impact this post is going to make. Hopefully this post is going to have an impact and propel some serious talks and debates. If so, that will give me good reasons to reveal myself.  I am a civilian and I am not part of any government secret agencies of United States or any other countries.

3- Who we are
I was able to get in touch with an elite group of people at the Department of Defense of United States after realizing the importance of getting help and attention. For the past several years, I helped them unfold what I am about to tell you in this post and much more (maybe other posts coming in near future).

4- The purpose of this post
I want to reveal to the world what have been happening since 1977 and the importance of talking about it and to protect ourselves. I do not want this information to be kept a secret any longer since its implication is worldwide and concerns everyone and every nation. I also want this post to be a tool for the agents working for any secret agencies to tip people how serious this must be taken. Those agents are tied to secrecy and in some circumstances, leaking information could be punishable by death. I am hoping that since the information will be available publicly from this post, that some of them can come forward and/or acknowledge it.

5- The main problem
We have been invaded by an alien species from the constellation of Orion about 25 lights years from us. They arrived in 1977 in the USA and appeared to be pacifists at the time, so the government helped them to settle. They look like us, human-like, and when they made their first contact, they were fluently speaking English. In exchange of our help, one of the goals was to be able to reverse engineer their technologies. The main problem and the main reason of this post is that in the past few years, we discovered that they have a more sinister agenda and they are not pacifists. They are dangerous and can no longer be trusted.

6- Detail of the problem and Time-line
They arrived in 1977. Do you remember the OSU SETI WOW! Signal in August 15, 1977 ? That was from them.  

They carried with them some diseases, specifically AIDS. They have a vaccine for it and has since 1977. The first case of people becoming sick from AIDS were reported as early as 1979.

In the mid 80s, they gained control of our government and started to eliminate any trace of knowledge of their existence. Also, for them, the entertainment and music is extremely important to the point they had to infiltrate the industry beginning in the late 80s.

More are coming to Earth and they should arrive around the year 2027.

a) Where they are coming from
They are coming from the constellation of Orion which is approximately 25 lights years from us. Their star is dying and they are being forced to find another home. They have the technologies to travel close to the speed of light but for reasons of safety, they traveled at only a speed between 10% to 15% of speed a light which brings their travel time around 175 years. Their lifespan is almost identical to ours so that many generations lived and died in their spaceships. They had to create a map in their way and they regularly sent the data back to their home.

b) What they look like
They look exactly like us; you cannot tell the difference with your bare eyes. In average, they are about 5 inches shorter than we are. They are all white Caucasians. They brought with them their robots and for whatever reason, the ones encountered appeared African-American. I believe the robots can change their look by replacing their skin.  Their robots are also very human-like, difficult to detect but not impossible. You can feel something odd when talking to their robots. We can detect them, the Orionese, by looking at their DNA. More than 1% of their DNA is completely different than ours. We do have now several programs in place to check people's DNA and specifically the alien-like. While putting those programs in place, we discovered that many DNA samplers were compromised by hard coded logic to leave the alien DNA out of the equation. We learned from this and adjusted.

c) Their spaceships
When they left their home about 211 years ago, they traveled using 3 spaceships but they lost 1 in their journey because of solar flare. Each of them is 1 mile long and have a cigar shape. We also have an important piece of information about how much living space they needed to travel while maximizing their quality of live without compromising resources. The number is 3,500 square feet of living space per person. That number was important in the calculation and the verification of how many of them they were. Also, each of their spaceships have a very sophisticated entertainment system that can only be compared with the one you can see in Star Trek. They claimed that this system was necessary; they would have not survived this journey without it.

d) How many
They are 1800 of them.

e) How advance they are
They claim to be 1 million years more advance than us. We actually think their claim is exaggerated by comparing their computer power with ours. Their computer power is about 1 billion times more powerful than our most powerful computer. Using our Moore's law, if we can sustain it, it will take us about 100 years to reach that computer power. As as said they can travel close to the speed of light but do not have teleportation.

f) Where they are located
We found 1,000 of them in Houston Texas, USA working at a disease research facility, and many located in South California, USA. Some are in north California mostly in San Jose and few are in Washington DC. They like warm weather. Most them, if not all, are located in USA. 
g) Their Agenda
In the past years, following our suspicion, the Department of Defense was able to capture and interrogate many of them and discover their true agenda. Their agenda is split into 3 phases. The first phase which they have almost succeeded, was to gain control of our world. The second phase, planned when the next ones will arrive, is to mind control us to slavery or kill us, potentially eliminating 7 billion people. The third phase, for later, is to eliminate any trace that we, the human race, were here before them.

We know that in theory, their home has been informed of their destination and they have a map on how to reach here easily. That means they are most likely going to travel here close to the speed of light since all the dangers have been documented. We know the next ones will arrive here as early as 2027 and we estimate based on the interviews and the information on hand that they will be 2 million of them in about 2,000 spaceships. It's highly possible they will be a lot more since their journey will not be 175 years but only few days relative to them.

f) Their weapons (Orbs, Mind Controlled Technologies, Robots)
They do not have weapons of destruction like we have. Instead they have technologies to mess with our minds and make us kill each other. It's a sophisticated mind controlled technologies. They can either inject their thoughts in our minds and/or read our minds. They can almost control anyone to do almost anything they want them to do. It does not leave any trace, you do not know that the thoughts you have are not your own when it's happening. It's very subtle. This technology can go as far as be able to create split personalities in a target person. They have different level of mind controlled stages. The ultimate level is you become a mind slave, you do not control your own thoughts any longer.

There are many devices used to program the mind of someone, to read or mind-control somebody. The main one is their “orbs”. Some sort of ball that emit light and can be invisible to the naked eye. It floats in the air and can travel close to the speed of light. There are different sizes starting from the size of a pea to the size of a basketball. The second device they might use and some of us, humans, might have been a part of , is some sort of remote control. They keep it in their pocket of their pants and require the person to push the proper remote buttons to record your brain wave patterns and associated it to the correct corresponding commands. After your brain wave patterns have been recorded, they can start mind controlling you using a remote device requiring only 3 volts. It does emit and record wave in the range of the infrared spectrum. 

They can re-program your mind and one of the thing we noticed is that you would have a strong headaches very close to a migraine and that this headaches would disappear all of sudden after you did something they wanted you to do. After a while you will start responding to the associated commands without any interventions.

Their robots have been programmed to carry on their mission. They can lie to us as they see fit. Trying to use their robots can lead us in the wrong direction. They are independent and are learning about our world and how to control it. They can mind control their own people as well so they stay focused on the mission. Every single one of them is made to last 1 million years and their components are all plated gold.

g) Diseases they carried on with them (AIDS) and the vaccine
As I described it above, they carried AIDS with them. This is a disease they had to fight back in their home and have the vaccine for it. Many of them worked in our research facilities doing research on viruses, bio-technologies, and nuclear. They tried to engineer biological weapons with the help of some of corrupted or mind controlled humans.

h) Our weapons
Even though their mind control technologies are sophisticated, it does not take a lot to made it ineffective. You just need to cover your head with aluminum or gold. If you do, they cannot mind control you nor read your mind. We can detect their orbs using electromagnetism detectors and we have developed weapons to destroy them. Also, as I described it, we have programs in place to check their DNA. Everyone involved in unfolding this story, including myself, had to have our DNA checked and we are obviously all human. We do check the DNA in many labs simultaneously, independent labs and to be sure, all the results has to come back identical. We learned how to use the machines, how to transport the samples and the results without been compromised. We know the risks.

As for the headaches, we learned that the best thing to do when it happens is to stop doing anything, stay calm, take over the counter pain relievers, and wait until the headaches dissipates. It works most of the time. The important thing is to not take action during the episode. Relax until it's gone.

i) Music and entertainment business
They like to be entertained and consider music critical and more important than the importance we give it. One thing we learned is that they hate certain types of our music, especially alternative rock music. It irritates their ears like nails on a chalkboard. So they messed with it as much as they could. Many enjoy rock alternative music and we certainly make sure they hear a lot of it. It's one of our way to get back to them.

7- In my opinion, what we should do now.
Other than what have been described above, we have to shift our priorities. Our survival depends on it. We should also stop or at least minimize the killing of people. We know they are using us to kill each other so if we stop, their plan will fail. Since we know they are white Caucasians, we need China, India and other multi-ethnic countries to rise and have a more important role in the decisions for our future.

I am hoping people are going to talk about this post, that many will question all governments on where we stand on this. I also hope everything will be done pacifically, in peace, and that none of the information will be denied. I am not afraid of them and I personally think that the human race is better and that we just need a wake-up call to elevate ourselves and to make better and smarter choices for the best of all.

I am being vague in this post intentionally but I can be very precise and provide verifiable facts in near future in other posts if you dare and care.

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