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"Friend who led a though life " 


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Please leave your thoughts and sorry for my writing I just spoke with a friend, and he is probbably one of the strongest humans in the world. His father has stolen money from him, His mother is drinking and he lives alone without his friends in another part of this cursed country. He has a system around him, that teaches him nothing. He has Adhd and never learned a thing in his life through school, but he still smiles and joke. I want to understand how this is possible. I am only speaking from my point of view, and what i learned about him. He had a lot of energi when we were kids, and really rough. But it was only kindness in him. When we were 7 or 8, he broke his legs. and as a student who was more loud and annoying than the rest of the class, he was easily put into a “Special group” that the school made for him, and him alone…. no one cared that his mother drank and his father drank, and that both of them cared as much for him as shit lying on the ground. He was treated diffrently and like an outcast… people shunned him and thought that there was something wrong with him, since he didnt come to class. He never had anything good in his life, but he tried. and he kept on smiling. His mother and father was still drinking when he hit age 13/14 years, but now he started to notice things. One winter the lights in his house was off for 6 monthes…. cause his mother needed beer. and his father was out getting high and drunk, and had moved out. To him this was normal, so he didnt think so much about it. But ofc the parents and grown ups were talking about it, and didnt do shit. People are pretty good at pointing and laughing, and telling people how to be and how to act and what theyr doing wrong. But getting theyr hands dirty is not an option. i grew up with him, and had a diffrent story but i could see how it all was. eventhough i was pretty young. at age 15/16 the government started getting involved and did what they do best, put him in a system that is failing. and that makes people incapable of doing anything of theyr own accord. hes still in the system to this day, and havent gotten out. and have only gotten worse when it comes to paying his bills and thinking for himself. They manage to get him away from his parents. and into a foster home where he lived pretty for a time, and this was in the big city. Where he met other troubled kids that were put in the same system as him, and had allready found out that drugs to the wonder, it took quite a short time before he started doing drugs, and sliding away. i cant even understand the pain he felt, and the constant hopelessness of nobody asking him what he wants…. only shoving him around. at age 17, he moved back to whence he came from, and got stuck in government apartments that was a big apartment complex where all the druggies and people that were mentally inadequate were put. So he had more drugs than he could imagine, and much better people to be with…. He was still smiling and had no worries, mostly cause he was high all the time and probbably couldnt feel no pain from abandonment and neglect, and no choice in life. But he still hung on to life, no suicide and not giving up. after a few year, with speed and coke and weed and alcohol. His body said stop, and he got mentally unstable. And was struggling with his life and how tired he had become, and how much he needed drugs all the time. He then got sent to rehab, where he met even better people with worse problems. instead of putting him in a place where he might meet people with the same problem he got stuck with people with much more problems than he had, and probbably felt like he couldnt complain to much…. And as we all know people are diffrent and nobody needs to feel like theyr problems is smaller than others. The rehab went well, he got pills and shit thrown at him at an amazing pace. and they said now your ready for the outside world. Now i havent seen him for a few years, ive met him a few time. but i wasnt really there for him… so i dont know the change i dont know the struggle, but i know the person i met after the rehab, and that was no my friend. this was a diffrent beeing. He talked in riddles, the drugs and the pills and everything. was fucked, it was difficult to speak to him and get a point across. He got moved to his mother who was still drinking after 20 years, and still no giving a crap. and was tottaly unaware of the surroundings. it looked like he was struggling still but the pills and shit he got from the doctor kept everything at bay… i dont know why hes still alive and i dont know if he ever will feel like hes worth something, and i dont know if he might ever get the feeling like he can accomplish anything…. i dont know if hes actually smiling, i dont know anything and i cant do anything. but be there for him now. im struggling with the feeling of hating myself and the system, and his parents and so called “friends” that still point a finger towards the weird person…. right now im talking to him almost everyday, and hes still smiling and still looking happy. and i dont know why…. Hes been stuck from age 17 with drug problems and gotten through it, and fought like a champion to live through, and right now hes still fighting alone in an apartment far from friends and famliy all alone. But hes still calling me and asking if im allright. And this is so hard, it makes me wanna cry. How can somebody who’s gone through so much, still ask how im doing? how can he muster those thoughts when nobody, Absoloutly nobody gave acrap about him? This is just a small story about one of the strongest persons i’ve met, and one of the few people i respect. I have only lived 2 and a half decades, and i can guarantee i have not been through half of the emotional turbulance that he has….. and i dont think ill ever, understand the power behind him. Right now im trying to help him, and give everything i got. since i find him facinating and probbably one of the few people that actually deservs help that is around me. I think ill use my whole life to make sure that he sees how wonderful this world can be. Cause its only after you seen the darkness that you will appriciate the light. Much love from a stupid monkey

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