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Top 10 List of those I look up to and am impressed by their life and accomplishments.

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  Title Date: 10/31/2012
Nelson Mandela

A man that devotes his life to equality for all. A Nobel Peace Prize Winner.

A man who served 27 years in prison for his beliefs. A true fighter for democracy and freedom.

Martin Luther King Jr.

A man who gave up his life to advance the civil rights of millions of others. A history changer, an icon, a leader, an activist, a peace maker, a radical, a Nobel Peace Prize Winner. 

Steve Jobs

The man who saw a vision and amidst great obstacles, challenges and criticism, brought his vision to life altering the technology landscape.

A pioneer, a visionary, the prodigal entrepreneur, a great reinventor, a legend.

The inventor of all iThings that have changed the lives of billions of people globally.



Recognized by her first name around the world. A self made billionaire coming from a life of poverty and discrimination. A role model to millions of women (and men), a great philanthropist, a woman that has transformed the lives of millions. A dream maker, a revolutionary, the most influential woman of our times.


A woman with the Midas Touch.

Bill Gates

Another technical genius and amazing entrepreneur. A revolutionary thinker, a generous philanthropist, a business magnate, one of the richest people in the world.


Barack Obama

The man that showed the world that any dream is possible. The first African American President of the USA.  

Mark Zuckerberg

A man that at a very young age changed the way people and businesses communicate --a pioneer of social media. A self made billionaire by age 23. A man that has time to show the world what he is will he spend his billions and what's next?


Larry Page and Sergey Brin

Equal weight as they are the co-founders of Google. The company that has become a verb. A dictionary addition. A way to find anything you need online. A change in the way research is done. A search engine of all engines.

Self made billionaires before age 40. Sergey especially as he is a fellow immigrant from my home land. 

Warren Buffett

A genius businessman and investor and master philanthropist claiming that he will give away 99% of his wealth currently valued at close to $50 Billion. A major influencer in business as well as politics.

Mike Bloomberg

A master business man and politician of our times. NYC Mayor and founder of Bloomberg LP. A self made billionaire. A generous philanthropist. A man I admire despite some of his political beliefs.

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