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I don't understand 

Date Range: 05/20/2014 To 06/18/2014   Comments: 3 Views: 554
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I recently started a new job for the summer while I am home from college and met a guy who is also new. He is charming, seriously attractive and very easy to talk to. We hit it right off the bat. The only thing that bothers me is that he is seven years older than me. For the past three weeks, he has been very flirtatious. He would make any excuse to come talk to me, gave me his number and even mentioned getting something to eat after our shifts were over. I was never really good with flirting, so I would always play off his questions about going out to eat. At one point, there was this other co-worker who was being very inappropriate with me, and when I told the guy I have a crush on about this co-worker, he went to our boss and told her that he was very concerned about me. She ended up firing the guy and my crush joked with me saying "Now that your boyfriend is gone, I am sure you will you miss him. Luckily you have me." His flirtations continued at work and through text message. He brought up that maybe I will find my prince charming at A&M (where I go to school), and I told him that so far, all I have found are assholes. He then tells me that maybe I should have a plan B, someone who doesn't go to A&M, which to me sounded like he was referring to himself. So recently, we where texting and he flirted with me and so I told him "If I didn't know better, I would think you're flirting with me." All of the sudden, he was like oh no I shouldn't be doing that. Saying that he does like me and loves talking to me, but doesn't think we should date because we work together. He also used the excuse of how he has been a seminary for four years and hasn't dated in those four years. Saying that we should just stay friends. 

I just don't understand. I totally thought that our feelings were mutual. Does he not find me physically attractive? Or did I scare him off? Since this happened, I haven't been able to look him in the eye or even speak to him. I hate being like this, but I am so embarrassed and ashamed. I don't know how to speak to him now. What should I do? What happened? I am frustrated and confused and some advice would really help.

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Member Since
Jul 2014
BetR NotoKnow said:
posted on Jul 17, 2014

I think that there two possible reasons for that. First, he is shy about telling you the truth and afraid a little juste because that you are older than him so he respect you and when you said that he just got brain crash i mean i you both were flirting and then you told him this it would seem like you don't want to...  The second reason is that he is just a player and like that seduction game, he don't really want something serious or maybe already had a girlfriend..   in the two case you should tell him what you feel about him, then you'd be either feeling the same or just liberating yourself from him
well i think i'm too late for answering but i really want to know what happened next 

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Mar 2009
Valerie Jones said:
posted on Jul 17, 2014

UPDATE: Turns out the feelings for each other were mutual, as thought. He came over to my house, and we played Monopoly (the board game) and then before I knew it, he kissed me and told me he has been wanting to do that. He apologized for rejecting me at first and told me he just didn't know how to respond and kind of freaked out, especially since he hasn't been in the dating scene in four years (due to Seminary school). We have been seeing each other outside of work, and acting "normal" at work, because co-workers and managers are becoming suspicious of our friendship. Luckily, he got a job somewhere else, and that might relieve the stress we have about work. Everything is going well!  By the way, BetR NotoKnow, he is older than me! :P 

Member Since
Jul 2014
BetR NotoKnow said:
posted on Jul 18, 2014

Awesome! happy for you :)  and sorry for the mistake xD