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Favorites & Fun...

Describe your favorite Books. What makes them special to you? Who is your favorite Author?

What is your most pleasurable Activity?

Is there Music in your life? What kinds? How does different music make you feel? What music can you not stand to hear?

What are some of your favorite Smells? Why? What emotions or memories do they evoke?

What is your favorite Color? Why does it appeal to you? How is that color represented in the world?

What is your favorite Holiday? Describe why.

Pick your favorite Indoor activity and describe it. Outdoor activity?

What is your Magazine of choice?

Where is your favorite Place to Go? Who did you go with?

Which Season is your favorite? Why? What is your absolute favorite time of year?

Do you have a favorite Sport? Or a Favored Sports Team?

Describe your wildest Dream or wish.

Who is your favorite Author of children’s books?

What is a favorite board Game or computer game? Why?

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About You...

Have you had to overcome any unusual Obstacles or Hardships (e.g., economic, familial, physical)?

What is unique about you or your life story?

Who or what has been the biggest Influence in your life?

Which of your Personal Characteristics do you most cherish, or are you the most proud of? Which do you regret or wish to change?

What is your biggest Regret?

Are you satisfied with your Looks?

Do you identify with a certain flower, tree or animal? If not, give it some thought. If you were a flower, a tree, or an animal, which would you be?

Do you like your Personality. Do you wish you were stronger, braver, bolder, quieter?

Have you ever stood up for what you Believe, even when it was very hard?

If you could Change any part of yourself, what would it be?

Is there a type of Pet you would like to have that you can’t or don’t have? Why don’t you have it?

Have you had Plastic Surgery? Would you? What would you change?

Do you have sensitive Feelings?

Are you a Geek?

Are you a Happy person? What makes you so, or prevents you from being happy?

Are you a Peacemaker? Troublemaker?

Are you Ambitious?

Are you an Intense person? Are you Easy-Going?

Are you at ease Socially? What causes you to be that way and what are the benefits and problems of being that way?

Are you Fashionable?

Are you Materialistic?

Are you the Person you want to be?

What are your thoughts on the Environmental movement and do you ascribe to it? If do you wish you did?

Do you easily cope with Unexpected situations? Do you enjoy a Varied life or do you like to keep things more on an even keel or the same?

Do you Enjoy your everyday life?

Do you have a favorite Animal – domestic or wild?

Do you have a favorite Flower? What is special about it? What draws you to it?

Do you have a good Memory?

Do you have an “A”-type personality? How does that impact others?

Do you have to deal with someone who has an “A”-type personality? How does that affect you and how would you like that person to change?

Do you have to have the latest Fad?

Do you like Structure in your life, or do you just take things as they come?

Do you think you are a Brave person?

How do you feel about Dentists?

Would you like to travel in Outer Space? Do you imagine living on another planet or in another universe?

How do you feel about Winning? Losing?

Is your Appearance a high priority?

Were you a late Bloomer?

What are you Afraid of?

What are you the most Ashamed of?

What are your Morals?

What do other people do that Turns you Off?

What do you Envy in others?

What do you find most Attractive in men/women?

How has having a Pet affected your life?

What makes you Laugh? What puts you into hysterics? How often do you laugh?

Who is your favorite Celebrity? Why? Have you met them? If you do meet them, what would you want to talk about?

Would your friends and relatives describe you differently than you Describe yourself? Ask them to describe you to see if they see you as you thought they did.

What are your most deeply and imbedded Values?

What brings you the most Peace and why?

What is the weirdest Dream you’ve ever had?

Where do you get your Energy from – other people or from being alone?

Have you ever broken any Bones?

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Life Lessons...

Share a Principle you have learned, or one you have taught.

Can you admit to being Wrong? Is it easy for you to Apologize?

What is the most important thing you have ever learned?

Where have you learned your greatest Lessons?

Who has had the greatest Impact on your life?

What is the biggest Lesson in life you found to be true?

What is the most important lesson, message, or advice you've learned that you'd like to pass on for others to profit from?

What is the one Invention you could not live without and why?

What is your Advice to those younger than you?

What is the greatest Lesson you can teach your children?

What is a key Lesson you learned from your mother/father?

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Describe your ideal Birthday Party.

Have you saved a special Outfit from your youth? What is it? Can you remember when you last wore it? Why did you save it?

What was the best birthday Celebration you’ve ever had?

Describe Humorous situations in your life, whether it involved you or others.

Would you have liked to have Grown Up in another time period? Why? What do you imagine that would be like?

Have you ever traveled to a foreign Country? Describe that trip.

Tell about your early Romances.

What is the most Adventuresome thing you have ever done?

What is the most Exciting place you have ever been to? What makes it exciting?

Describe the most Wonderful thing that has ever happened to you. The worst?

What was the worst Vacation of your life? The best?

Were there any Events -- world, local, or personal, that changed your life?

Tell about the Changes you've seen in your lifetime. Did your grandparents or parents ever talk about the changes in their lifetimes?

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Joy, Regrets, and the Future...

How do you picture your Future?

How has life been Different than you expected it. Think in terms of firsts - your first kiss, birth of a child, getting married, etc.

If you aren’t a Senior Citizen, how do you imagine your life will be when you are? If you are, how has your life turned out with regards to your former expectations?

If you could Change just one thing in the world, what would that be?

Is there anything you Fail at but keep trying?

What do you miss about being a Child?

What is your most admirable Talent? What talent do you not have that you would like to? What keeps you from developing this talent?

What is your greatest Accomplishment?

What is your greatest Skill. What would you like to have as your greatest skill that you don’t possess?

What is your Outlook on life?

What is your strongest Belief?

Are you a Dreamer? What do you daydream about?

What can Frighten you the most and why?

What do you Fantasize about being or doing?

Tell about the Dreams, Expectations, and Hopes you have for each of your kids.

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What was your college Experience? What stands out the most? Did you find it difficult? Did you get good Grades?

If you went to College, University, Associate’s school, Describe it. What was the Campus like? How did you find the other Students?

How would you consider your overall Experience in higher education?

What is the highest Degree you obtained? Was it worth the time, money and effort? Do you wish you had done things differently?

Describe your college Friends? Are you still friends? If not, do you wish you still were?

Describe your Dorm Room or where you lived while in college if it wasn’t your parent’s home.

Did you receive your Education somewhere other than school?

Are you satisfied with your choice of Study in college?

Is there a Professor who changed the course of your life?

Did you attend Vocational training?

Were you in a Fraternity or Sorority? Describe it.

How did you Pay for school? Did attending College/ University leave you with a large debt? Has this been a burden?

Did you have a college Roommate?

Did you have a Job while in college, either during the school year or summer?

What is your best College Memory? Your worst?

If you went Away to school, what was it like for both you and your parents when you left home?

What did you choose to Study in college? Major, minor. Did you change your Major or Minor? How many times?

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Are you satisfied with your Career Path? Does is provide the lifestyle you would like? Do you enjoy your occupation? How did you get into it? Was it the work you planned to do?

Are you currently Enjoying your work?

Did your career path take any Unexpected turns? How did you get to where you are today?

Did you want to serve in the Military but weren’t able to? What is your opinion of the Military?

In what branch of the Service did you serve? Where and when was it? Did you serve during a war? How did that affect you?

Tell about all the places you have Worked.

What was the worst Job you ever had? The worst Boss?

What was the best Job you ever had? The best Boss or Mentor?

Do you want to try something Different?

Would you consider yourself a risk taker, or an Entrepreneur?

Have you met or worked with any Famous people? How did you find them? How did you enjoy working with them?

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Describe an interesting Fact or a surprising piece of information from your family history.

Describe the Family you thought you would have (as an adult) when growing up.

Describe your most interesting Relative.

Talk about a major Family Reunion.

Tell family Gossip or gossip about neighbors.

Do you have a family Nemesis or antagonist? What do they do?

Who is the most Colorful person you know?

Describe the Personalities of your family members as adults

Describe your Spouse. What do you find endearing about your spouse? What do you find annoying?

Write about your Engagement and your Wedding. If you have had more than one, describe each one. What have you learned? What would you have done differently.

How did you become Engaged?

How did you first meet your In-laws?

How old were you and your spouse when you were Married? Do you wish you had married earlier or later in life? How old were your parents when they married?

How would you Change your spouse if you could?

Is there a Celebrity you dream of being married to?

How many Children do you have? Is this what you expected? Describe your Children.

What are your Dreams for your children?

What have you done right as a Parent? What do you wish you had done?

Have you ever lost a Child?

Have you even given up a child for Adoption? How has this impacted your life? Have you since seen this child?

If you are adopted, what is your birth mother/father like? If you don’t know, what do you imagine them to be like? How did you find out you were Adopted? What are your feelings about that?

If you don’t have Children, do you wish you did? Why didn’t you have them? How has that impacted your life? What do you think your life would have been like with children? Answer the same questions about grandchildren.

If you are Planning to have children, what are those plans/Expectations? How many children do you hope to have? How do you imagine your life to be with children? With grandchildren?

In terms of emotions or expectations, how was the Birth of your first child different than that of successive births?

Have you ever been Divorced? How has that affected your life? What impact do you think it has had on your children? How involved are you with your children, if you don’t live with them? Do you wish you hadn’t divorced your spouse? Would you remarry that spouse if you could? Do you wish you had divorced much sooner?

Describe your Grandchildren. Which of them stands out the most? For what reason?

What do you now understand about Parenting, that you didn’t when you were a child and didn’t like or understand your parent’s rules. What were these rules? What was the situation that changed your understanding?

Does your family have Heirlooms that are not in your possession?

Are there any Legends in your family? Do you believe them?

Are you a Stepparent? Describe your stepchildren and how they affected your family.

Do you have Stepchildren who were adults when you married their parent? Describe them and how they impact your life.

Are you raising your Grandchildren? Why? How do you feel about that?

Are, or were you, a Foster Parent? Describe your foster children and how they impacted your family.

Can you recall Stories told by your grandparents? What do you know about each grandparent?

What is life like for your Grandparents today? How different is it from their earlier life?

Can you remember Songs your parents or grandparents liked to sing?

Did your parents or grandparents ever talk about serving in the Military during a war? What can you recall of their personal experiences? How did it impact them?

Describe what you know about your Mother’s background/life growing up. Do the same for your father and grandparents.

Describe the Work your mother and father did during their life.

Describe what you now Understand now about your parents that you didn’t while growing up?

What is your Relationship with your parents? How has your opinion of your parents changed as you’ve grown older?

How do your Parents spend their day?

Describe a favorite Possession of your father, mother, child.

How would you Describe your mother to someone who has never met her? Your father and each grandparent?

If either parent is Deceased, describe how their passing has affected you, what you would say to them today if you had the opportunity. Describe their passing and Funerals. Do the same for your grandparents.

Describe your father's favorite Memory of his childhood. Your mother’s.

What Convictions do your grandparents or parents hold that you don’t agree with?

Did either of your parents have a Nickname? How did they get it?

Tell one of your most vivid and unforgettable Memories about your mother and/or father.

What is Life like for your mother today? If she is deceased, how and when did she pass away? What about your father?

What do you most Enjoy doing with either or both of your parents?

What Trait or Attitude have you inherited from your mother or father?

What Talent or Skill have you inherited from your mother or father?

What was one of your mother's favorite Stories to tell? Your father’s? What story did they or a grandparent tell over and over?

What will you most Remember about your mother? Your father, or a grandparent?

Do you have details of your parent’s Wedding?

Who have you enjoyed Living with the most?

Would you have liked to live during your parent’s Era (when they were growing up)? Your grandparent’s?

Tell a Courtship story about your parents, how they met etc.

What are the things you love and Admire your father? Your mother?

Do you have Siblings? Describe each, as children and as adults. If you didn’t have siblings, describe how you feel about that.

What is life like for each of your siblings today? Do you envy their lives?

What is your favorite Activity with your siblings (as adults)?

Did a sibling inherit a family Heirloom that you feel should have been given to you?

Did you learn an important Lesson from a sibling?

Do any of your siblings tell Stories about growing up that you weren’t aware of as a child?

Tell one unforgettable Memory about each sibling.

Do members of your Extended family live with you? How does that affect you and your family? Did you have to care for an aged parent or grandparent?

Have any family Heirlooms been passed on to you or your spouse? What heirlooms will you pass on to your children?

How far back can you trace your Family Tree? Describe what you know about that early ancestor.

How involved are you in your Children’s lives (when they were children and now that they are adults)?

Who is the shining Star of your family? Who is the Black Sheep? Why? Should it remain this way?

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Describe your first Apartment or Home after leaving your parent’s home.

Describe your first home as a young Couple.

Paint a picture of your House and your Yard. What surrounds it?

Do you have Roommates or companions? What is that like? Would you rather live alone?

What is your favorite Room in your home?

Did you always live in a town or city where all the neighbors had the same background, or were the same class as your family? If not, explain the Differences and how you were impacted by them.

Describe your Dream Home. Have you done much work to your current home? How have the changes made you feel?

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Describe the Main Street of your town.

Have you ever, or do you now, have a Neighbor that stands out for some reason?

Tell about some of the most notable Characters in your hometown.

Who were your most memorable Neighbors? (both now and in the past)

Describe neighbors who were Foreign in some manner. Do you share Cultural exchanges with them? Do they mostly assimilate, stand at a distance, or a mixture of both?

Describe the Plants and trees in your neighborhood.

Describe the types of Businesses in your neighborhood.

What kinds of Wildlife are in your neighborhood – birds, insects, rodents, deer, bears?

If you could live anywhere in the World, where would that be? Why?

What Languages are spoken in your neighborhood?

Describe your town during any Holiday times.

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Have you ever Inherited something (material) from someone to whom you are not related?

Tell about your favorite Friend and why they are special to you.

What key Lesson have you learned from someone not related to you, who wasn’t a teacher?

Who has Touched your life the most, related or not?

Who has Touched your life in any way, related or not?

Have any of your Friends died? Talk about them and the impact their life, and death, had upon your life.

Have you had a falling out or Disagreement with a dear Friend that you regret?

How do your Friends factor into your life now?

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Describe a family Vacation. Where did you go? Why did you go there? What did you do? How did you travel?

Describe your favorite Celebrations.

Tell about your Civic or Political activities.

What is the funniest Joke you’ve ever heard? Can you write your own jokes?

Can you play an Instrument? What instrument do you wish you could play?

Close your eyes and think of the perfect Place to be. Describe it.

Describe feeling special due to wearing a lovely Outfit.

Talk about one of your favorite Recipes. Where did you get it? Does it evoke a memory?

Describe your Cooking skills and your favorite thing to cook. Have you had any disasters? Describe your cooking skills as a newlywed.

Paint in words a perfect Spring Day.

Describe your Saturdays. Your Sundays.

Describe your Wedding day. What you wore, your bridesmaids (including how you choose them), who you invited. Was this day as you had dreamed it would be? Did it go as planned? Would you do it the same way again if you could?

Do you go Camping?

Do you have a special Song?

Do you have lots of shoes? Ties? Describe how you got them and Occasions when you have worn them.

Do you love to Shop? Why? Where do you shop? What do you like best about it? Do you often return what you buy? Would you never return anything?

Have you ever won Awards for a project you worked on?

If you had all the Money in the world, how would you spend it?

Is there a Fragrance, Sound or Meal that takes you back to a special day?

Tell about the most Wonderful thing that has ever happened to you.

What are your Politics? Have they changed? Are they different than your parent’s?

What do you love about a snowy/rainy Day? What do you dislike the most about a snowy/rainy day?

What is the best Birthday Present you’ve received?

What is the best Story you have ever heard, told by someone you have met (not by an author or relative)?

What is the Silliest thing you’ve ever done?

What Movie have you watched more than once? What movie have you watched the most times?

When you’re feeling down, what makes you feel Better?

Where do you go when you want to be Alone?

Are you a good letter (or e-mail) Writer? Who do you, or have you, corresponded with?

Tell about a frustrating experience that you have had with a Car.

Tell about a frustrating Experience you've had.

Tell about any interesting or important Visitors to your home.

Tell about Retirement -- when, where, what will you do with your time?

Tell how you feel about Water - playing in it, seeing it, using it. Tell about various bodies of water you have seen.

What do you feel has been the most significant World Event that has taken place during your lifetime? Why?

What do you think brings good or bad Luck?

Have you ever written a Story (fiction), poem, or song? Include it in your story.

Describe your most serious Illness.

What Hobbies do you have?

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Spirituality & Rituals...

Do you attend a House of Worship? Do you practice your parent’s religion or have you changed? Talk about your conversion, or your commitment in remaining in your religion. What do you like about your religion? Is there anything you dislike or would like to challenge about it?

What do you wish would Change?

Describe your belief in God or other spiritual being. What is your belief?

How do you feel about Death? Tell your philosophy of the after-life.

Do you think there is a Heaven? What do you think it’s like?

Describe your place of Worship.

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Holidays & Traditions...

Have you ever spent a Holiday at another family’s home who celebrated much differently than your family traditions?

Do you Decorate your front yard or outside of your house at the Holidays?

Do you enjoy taking your children out for Halloween and/or handing out treats?

How do you celebrate Anniversaries? Tell about anniversaries, celebrations, trips, and gifts.

Describe getting a Christmas tree, Menorah or other religious item and decorating it or your home. Was it different than when you were younger?

What are your current Family Traditions that are different from those you had as a child?

Describe your Ideal Life. Are you living or close to living your ideal life? If not, what prevents you from being there? Do you have plans or goals to achieve this life?

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