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Your first days...

Describe the circumstances of your Birth. When and where? Who was present? Where did your family live at the time? How did your family come to live there? Were other relatives in close proximity?

What have your parents and others told you about yourself when you were a baby?
Do you know how your parents chose your Name? If not, ask them if you can. Did you ever have a nickname? How did that come about? If you didn?t have one, do you wish you did?

What is your earliest Memory?

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Growing up...

What did you want to Be when you grew up?

Did you have any childhood Ailments or Injuries?

Describe some of your Babysitters.

Describe some of the Cultural Influences in your childhood such as music and television.

What would people be surprised to know about your childhood?

Where did you go when you wanted to feel Safe?

What was life like for you in general during these years?

Have you had to overcome any unusual Obstacles or Hardships (economic, physical, etc.)?

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Favorites & Fun...

What were your favorite Foods? Your favorite Dessert? Did you like Vegetables? How have your dietary likes changed since being a child?

What were your favorite Books? What about them appealed to you?

Did you have a favorite Toy? How did you feel when you played with it?

Who were your Heroes?

Did you have a favorite Blanket or other security object that you had to have with you at all times?

What was your favorite thing to do for Fun?

Do you remember getting a special new pair of shoes? Going shopping for back-to-school clothes or an Easter outfit?

What was your favorite cartoon? TV show? Movie?

What was your favorite Doll or Toy?

What was your favorite Game?

What were your favorite Songs and Music? Does a song you hear today bring back a certain memory? Describe that memory.

What was your favorite Holiday? Why? Describe how the holiday every year. Did it change over the years?

What was your favorite indoor activity? Outdoor activity?

What was your favorite Place to go? Who did you go with?

What was your favorite Scripture story or story from a book of worship?

Describe your favorite Season. What was your favorite time of year?

What was your favorite thing to do with a Grandparent?

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Childhood Memories...

What did you do that got you in the most trouble and how did your parents handle it? What was the biggest trouble you got into? Did you deserve it?

What is unique about you or your life story?

What people or events have influenced or changed your life?

What are some of your most vivid memories of being a child?

Describe feeling special.

Were you teased? By who? Why?

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What was school like for you? What were your best and worst subjects?

What school activities did you participate in?

Who was your favorite Teacher?

Describe a specific memory from school.

Where did you attend pre-school? Kindergarten? Elementary or grade school?

Did you like school? Did you ever get recognized at school? Were you ever held back? How did that make you feel?

Can you remember the very first day you want to school? Were you excited about it, or frightened?

What was your favorite activity to do after school?

Did you walk to school? Or take the school bus?

Describe a typical school day.

Do you have a special School Memory? A special summer memory?

How did you get to and from school?

Were you in a school play?

Did you go on school trips? Where did you? Fun, cultural, out of state/country?

What Games did you play during Recess? What did you do during school Lunch period?

What were your most memorable experiences from school?

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Family & Family Life...

Describe a family Vacation. Where did you go? How did you get there?

How would you characterize your relationship with your Parents?

Describe a typical family Dinner.

As a child, how did you view your Grandparents? Did grandparents or other relatives live with your family? What impact did that have on your or your family?

How did your parents expect you to Behave? Did you meet those Expectations? Were you punished?

Did you have any Pets? What kind? What were their names? How were you affected by them?

Did your parents get divorced? How did that impact you? How old were you? Who did you live with after the divorce? How often did you see the parent you didn?t live with? How involved in your life was that parent?

What other Relatives besides your immediate family lived in your home?

What was family life like? Peaceful? Chaotic? Boring?

Describe the Personalities of individual family members. Do you think your family exhibits a personality as a whole? Is your family quiet, shy, noisy, ambitious, etc.

Did you ever wish you had a certain Celebrity for a parent? Or DO you have a celebrity as a parent? What was growing up with that like?

How did your parents usually Discipline you and your siblings?

What are some of your family Traditions?

Describe your Siblings, or how the lack of siblings affected you. Did you wish you had more brothers or sisters?

Did you and your father/mother share an interest in any special activity?

Do you have a Secret with your siblings that your parents never found out about?

Was there an adult relative/neighbor/family friend who frightened you a little due to their size or strong personality?

If you returned to an empty home each day after school, describe how that affected you.

What did you most enjoy doing with either or both of your parents?

What Stories did your mother or father read you?

What was it like growing up with your siblings? What was your favorite Activity with your siblings?

Did you have family chores? Did you receive an allowance? How much? What did you do with it?

What world events had the most impact on you? Did any of them personally affect your family?

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Describe the Home you grew up in. Did you move once or more? Describe each home and what caused the moves and how you felt about them.

Do you have special memories of any items in your home?

Describe your Bedroom. Did you share it with anyone?

Illustrate your Yard. What surrounded it?

What was your favorite Room in your home?

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Describe the Main Street of your town. Have you been back? Has it changed?

Describe the Smells of your neighborhood - food cooking, smells from chimneys, trees, the ocean, etc.

Did any unique Events take place in your neighborhood? Any town scandals or catastrophes?

Describe Neighbors who were foreign in some manner. Did they teach you about their culture?

Talk about the Plants and Trees in your neighborhood.

What kinds or types of Businesses proliferated your neighborhood?

Describe the Wildlife in your neighborhood ? birds, insects, rodents, deer, bears.

What Languages were spoken in your neighborhood?

What made your Neighborhood a place you loved or disliked?

Write about the worst thing you ever did as a child.

Do you have any Regrets or Apologies to give to anyone from your childhood?

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Did you have a Nemesis at a young age? How did that affect you?

Who were your Fiends? Were you in a Clique? How did you feel about it?

Write about your Best Friend and your experiences together. Are you still friends? If you lost touch, how did that happen?

Did you have Penpals?

Tell about any interesting or important Visitors to your home.

Did you and your Friends dress alike? Describe the clothes of your childhood. Mention any specific favorites.

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Depict your favorite Celebrations and Holidays.

Pick any holiday and describe how your family celebrated it.

Describe an Easter egg hunt or similar activity.

Illustrate how your Birthdays were celebrated. Does one particular birthday stick out? What is the best birthday present you?ve received?

Do you remember a special birthday Party you've been to?

Describe a Christmas or Holiday season in your Family. What were the rituals? The smells? The foods?

Describe getting a Christmas tree/ Menorah or other special item and decorating it or your house for a festive occasion or holiday.

Describe your Halloween costumes. Did you have a favorite?

Were there any activities your family participated in each Autumn, like visiting an apple orchard? Spring rites? Summer to-do?s? Winter games?

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What kind of Games did you play? Describe some of them. Describe your favorite game. What did you like about it?

Were you ever mentioned in a Newspaper?

Did you belong to boy/girl scouts or 4-H? A boys/girls Club? Did you ever go door-to-door selling items for a fundraiser, like Girl Scout cookies?

Did you go Camping? In a tent? A trailer? Did you like the outdoors?

Did you go to Summer Camp? What kind? Did you like the other kids? Counselors? Did you learn useful or fun skills?

Did you Sing in a choir at church or other religious organization or school? What did your family do for fun during the Summer?

Were you a Collector of anything? Do you still have any of those items?

Can you remember the first time you saw an airplane or train? Your first ride on one? Other travels?

Describe your Saturdays. Your Sundays.

Did you visit Parks or Playgrounds?

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Spirituality & Rituals...

What was your Religion, if any, growing up? Did you attend a house of worship? Describe your involvement.

Describe spiritual activities, outings or celebrations you remember.

Describe your place of worship. How did you feel when you were in this place? Describe the smells and rituals and people.

How did your religion or lack thereof affect your life and that of your family?

Did you change religions or convert? How did that affect you?

Did you go to a religious School? Or attend religious Study Classes?

Was there any conflict over religion in your family?

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About You...

Tell about home cures or Old Wives Tales, hiccups, toothaches, earaches, arthritis passed down by relatives or others.

Describe a favorite Outfit. Where did you wear it? How did you feel when you put it on? Did you save it?

Did it Snow where you lived? How much? Describe how you played in it.

Did you ever get Lost? How did you feel? What did you do?

Did you have a Bicycle? How long did it take you to learn to ride it? Ever have a bad crash?

Did you have a special Hideout? Describe it and how you felt when you were there.

Did you learn to play a Musical Instrument? Did you enjoy it? Were you (and are you still) proficient at it?

Do you remember losing your first Tooth?

Have you ever won Awards for a project you worked on?

Did you built a Treehouse or Clubhouse? Did you have a playhouse?

How much did it cost back then to buy common items?

Were you ever very Afraid? What type of things scared you?

Describe your Personality? Has it changed over the years?

When you had Money to spend, did you prefer to save it for something special, or did you spend it as soon as you could?

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