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Favorites & Fun...

Describe some of the Cultural Influences in your teenage years such as Music and Television. What were your favorite Songs and Music?

Tell about your favorite Foods.

Who were your Heroes?

What was your favorite Movie?

What was your favorite Sport? Did you have a sports Idol?

Describe your favorite Clothes. How has Fashion changed since then?

Who was the Person you most liked to spend time with?

Describe your favorite Game or activity.

What was your favorite Book or Author? What made it special? Did you ever read a ?forbidden? book? How did it make you feel?

Which would you consider your favorite Holiday?

What was your favorite Indoor activity? Outdoor activity?

What was your favorite Place to Go? Who did you go with?

What was your absolute most favorite Time of Year?

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Were you a good Student? Did things come easy for you? If not, which area(s) did you struggle with?

What School Activities and Sports did you participate in?

In general, did you like school? Do you have a special school Memory? Do you have a special summer memory?

What was school like for you? Where did you attend school? Were you home schooled or attend a private school? A public, religious, or alternative school? What was it like? Which type of school would you have preferred to attend?

Were you ever teased?

Did you have a problem with bullies? Were you a bully? Did you ever make anyone cry and if so do you have regrets about it?

What type of Subjects did you take in school? Which were your favorite and least favorite? What were your best and worst Subjects?

What was it like to eat in the Cafeteria at school?

Who was your favorite Teacher? Least favorite? Teacher who made the most impact in your life? Did a Teacher change the course of your life?

Describe a typical school day.

What Fads were in style when you were a teenager? What Hairstyles were popular? Describe the Fashions worn in your school. What was the most embarrassing thing you ever wore?

Describe a specific school Memory.

Describe your school. Include the grounds, the buildings and teachers. How did you get to school each day? Did you Drive to school or take the Bus?

Were you ever in a Talent Show or Play?

Were you involved in any Clubs or extra-curricular Activities?

Did you ever enter anything into a Science Fair?

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Did you have a summer Crush?

Did you idolize a Celebrity? If so which one?

Did you date in your teenage years? If you did not, was it because you were not allowed, chose not to, or another reason?

Who was your first Romantic Kiss with? Describe the setting, and how it made you feel.

What was the prom or other school dance like? Describe everything about that evening? Were you worried about getting a date?

Where did you go on your First Date? What was your most romantic date?

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About You...

Describe something that people would be surprised to know about the teenager that you were.

What made you feel emotionally Safe? Unsafe?

Did your Personality change when you became a teen? In what way?

Did you have to overcome any unusual Obstacles or Hardships?

What is Special and unique about your life?

Who or what were you most Influenced by?

What were your biggest and best Accomplishments?

What were your Dreams for the future? What were your goals? Did you achieve them?

Did you have a Mentor or someone who touched your life in a meaningful way?

What was the biggest Trouble you got into? Were you Punished?

What did you do for Fun?

Were you a Collector of anything? Do you still have any of those items?

Describe the most serious Illness you?ve had.

Were you satisfied with how you looked?

Was acne a problem for you? Weight? Height?

Did you always know what Career you wanted? How did you decide?

Did you like Superheroes? Who was your favorite?

Were you a quiet teenager? Loud? Troubled?

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Family & Family Life...

Where did you rank among your Siblings? Did you like or dislike being the oldest/youngest/middle, etc.?

What was your relationship like with your siblings?

What was it like growing up with your siblings? What was your favorite activity with your siblings?

Which of your siblings got into the most Trouble ? or did you?

Did you and your father/mother share an interest in any Special Activity? What did you most enjoy doing with either or both of your parents?

What was your Relationship with your parents? How has your opinion of them changed as you?ve grown older?

How did your parents expect you to Behave? Did you meet those Expectations?

Did you have any preferential Feelings towards your mom or your dad? Did you ever feel that you loved one parent more than the other, or that one of them loved you more than the other one? How did that make you feel?

How did you view your parents? Did you have a tumultuous relationship? Were you in awe of them? Were you good friends?

Did your parents get divorced? How did that impact you? How old were you? Who did you live with after the divorce? How often did you see the parent you didn?t live with? How involved in your life was that parent?

Were you a Foster child? What was that like? How has that affected your life?

Were you a Stepchild? Describe your stepparent. When did they come into your life? How did they change your life? Did you have any half-brothers or sisters? Did you like them or resent them?

Was there any abuse in your Family? How has that affected your life today?

Did you have a Summer Job?

Were you required to do Chores?

Did you receive an Allowance? What did you do with the Money?

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Describe the Home(s) in which you spent your teenage years. If you moved, describe the reason and how you felt about it.

Describe a typical family Dinner.

Did you have any Pets? How did they affect your life?

Do you have fond memories of any Objects in your house?

Describe your Yard.

What Room was your favorite?

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Describe the Main Street of your town.

Talk about your Neighbors and the closeness (or lack thereof) of your Community.

Describe Neighbors who were foreign in some manner. Did you learn anything about their Culture? What languages were spoken in your neighborhood?

Describe the types of Businesses in your neighborhood.

If you moved a lot, what home do you most identify with? Which city do you refer to as your hometown?

Describe your town during the Holiday seasons.

Were there any Scandals, Tragedies or Catastrophes that defined your neighborhood?

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Holidays and Ritual......

Pick any Holiday and describe how your family celebrated it.

Were there any activities your family participated in each autumn, like visiting an apple orchard? What about rituals during other Seasons?

Describe getting a Christmas tree, Menorah or other Holiday item and decorating it or your home. Was it different than when you were younger?

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Were you Popular in school? If not, what were the popular kids like? If you were popular, what made the unpopular kids different?

Describe your Nemesis, if you had one?

Who were your Friends? Were you part of a clique? How did your group treat others?

Do you keep in touch with any of them?

Write about your Best Friend and your experiences together. What has happened to that friendship?

Did anyone make your life miserable and what did they do to make it so rough?

Did anyone touch your life in such a way that created a lasting impression on you?

Did you have Penpals? Online social networking Groups?

What was your Social Life like? Did you have lots of friends or were you a loner? Were you happy with your situation?

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How did you spend your time outside of school hours?

Were you ever mentioned in a Newspaper?

Describe your favorite Celebrations.

What World Events had the most impact on you while you were growing up? Did any of them personally affect your family?

Describe one of your Vacations. Where did you go? What did you do? Who decided the destination? Did you enjoy it?

Describe what it was like to learn to Drive a Car, motorcycle, tractor, etc. Tell about a frustrating experience that you have had with a car or other motor vehicle. Did you belong to boy/girl scouts or 4-H? A boys/girls club?

Did you decorate your front yard or outside of your house at Christmas?

Did you go camping?

Did you go ice skating on ponds? Describe the experience, including the setting and weather.

Did you go on school trips?

Did you go to summer camp? Was it a specialty camp? How were the other camp kids? The counselors? Did you do anything you regret while away at camp?

What did your family do for fun during the Summer break?

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Describe getting your first Car. Did you name it? What was it like learning to drive? Who taught you?

When did you learn to Cook? What do you enjoy cooking?

Talk about your first trip to a big City.

Describe a trip to the Country or wilderness.

Describe your Halloween costumes. When did you stop trick-or-treating? What was your favorite Candy?

Describe your Saturdays. Your Sundays.

Tell about any frustrating Experience.

Did you have a Bicycle?

Did you Sing in a choir at church or school?

Have you ever won Awards for a project you worked on?

What was your Religion? What church or other religious institution, if any, did you attend? How did your religion, or lack thereof, affect your life and that of your family?

What is the best Birthday Present you?ve received?

Where did you go when you wanted to be Alone?

What major World Activities were going on at the time? Did they influence your teenage years? If so, how?

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